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What should I bake tonight?

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A chocolate cake with cookie crumb icing or a banana nut cake with cream cheese frosting?

My refregerator needs to be cleaned out, so I need some help.
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I vote for the chocolate cake!!
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Mmmmm I love cream cheese frosting, so I vote for the banana cake!
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They both sound great! I just finished supper so I'm thinking chocolate for dessert, but the banana nut one would be good with a cup of coffee in the morning.
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Chocolate! I'm eating a hot fudge brownie Warm Delight, and so chocolate definitely sounds the best right now.
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You could make both, and take one to work if you're afraid it will spoil.

But if you're making one - chocolate!
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I'm voting for the chocolate!

You can always send some my way too!
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Chocolate. Normally I'd say the banana cake just for the cream cheese frosting, but since I'm hormonal, it's chocolate all the way!!!!!!!!
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I made both...
I'm taking one to the vet's office with me tomorrow, in hopes that everything with the annual teeth cleaning goes well. I will resort to bribery to make my vet bill smaller.
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As much as I like chocolate, if your banana cake is as good as my sister's...
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