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ok, i need to hand feed 1 kitten, so i am going to the vet, the vet asked me to bring the one kitten so it can be weighed, but i am thinking maybe i should bring them all (3) so they all can be weighed, and so i know if they are ok. But i dont know how the mom will feel about it., i dont want her rejecting the other 2 when i come back. Any ideas???
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Take the one, leave the others at home. Let us know how it goes.
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its not the best idea to take new born kittens to the vet have you got no scales at home i use kitchen scales. does the vet just want the baby to weigh?
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yes the vet told me to bring the kitten in so they can weigh it, and tell me how much to feed it, but the mom is cleaning the kitten but not feeding it .
i just thought i could bring in the other 2 as well so i know they are healthy.
and not underweight.
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although i called my vet all the instructions are on the tin of formula on mine they need to have 150ml per 24 hours i fed my 3 hourly for the first few days as mum didnt want them and kept hurting them mum has now excepted all three back now and they are all gaining weight its hard work but is so worth it. are these your first babies? i couldnt belive how small they were they look like mice were nearer the size of a rat now lol
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The less you move the babies around, the better their chances for Mom to continue caring for them. They will come home smelling different and she may reject them. It is never, ever a good idea to take newborns into the vet's office unless you absolutely must. Instead, get a little kitchen scale from Wal-mart - they cost under $10 for an OK one - and weigh them at home.
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i would only take the one. you risk them being exposed to disease and other odors at the vets. the less that goes the better. you can way them at home with a kitchen scale. might even be an idea to ask the vets if it would be ok if you weighed them all at home. the less they go out at this time the better. i think the vet will understand. plus it saves you a consult fee!
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