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What a Surprise

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This is an update on my earlier post, Front Porch Visitor. Her name is Mattie for my grandmother. She came up on my porch one week ago today. We judged her age to be one year or less. The vet said today she is at least two, maybe three years old. She only weighs a little over six pounds. Her feline leukemia test was negative so she now has her shots. She had runny eyes and the vet said most likely was a upper respiratory infection and gave me some antibiotic salve for her eyes. When he told me how old he judged her to be, I asked him if he could tell if she had ever been spayed. He said he wasn't sure. He shaved her belly and there was a scar so slight it could not have been seen if one was not looking specifically for it. He said he is reasonable sure that is a spay scar since it was in the right place. Also her nipples were very slight and small. So I brought her home. I hope I made the right decision. I hate to have her put to sleep and cut on when he thinks she is already spayed.
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Good luck with your new kitty! You'll know soon enough if she's not spayed, hehe!
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at least your on our way to a healthy kitty!
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Wonderful to know that Mattie is doing well - hope that the URI clears up quickly. WitchyKitty is right, you'll know soon enough if she's not spayed. I think that your vet was right to let see, as why expose Mattie unecessarily to surgery and anesthesia
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I am so glad the vet shaved her belly and saw the scar. She is a little sweetheart of a cat, small and loving. I trust my vet on the spay issue.
Her eye is looking better today. For now, she is not with Speedboat and Muffin. I am anxious to introduce them. My plans are to put Mattie in the large cat cage on my screened in porch. The other two cats come inside the porch to be fed and they will get chance to see her without risking an all out fight to begin with.
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