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Bird or Reptile

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Ok, I'm wanting to bring a new addtition into the house. Currently, I have two cats, one 8 months, the other 4 months. I have two ten gallon tanks, one with 2 tetras, 1 danio, 1 guppie, and 1 African Dwarf Frog. The other ten gallon holds a single comet. I recently purchased a 29 gallon tank from my cousin and it currently holds two anoles.

Here's my problem. I used to have a cockatiel and had him for about 7 to 8 years. I miss him very much, and I'd really like to have one again. The only problem is, I have cats! I have the money to purchase a strong cage the cats can't get into but I'm worried about them getting to a bird while its out of the cage. The bird would have to live down in my room, which is pretty large. (its a basement). I have not cleared it with my grandmother yet, but I have a chance to put a deposit down on a bird now. I have the money to take care of a bird, but i'm worried about the cat issue.

My second choice is getting a reptile. I have found a petstore that will willingly take my anoles for me. (I've been trying to find a home for them for months.) Then I will have a 29 gallon tank with nothing in it. I used to have a bearded dragon and if I choose to get a reptile, I will get one of those. The tank has a strong top with wire that is too thick for the cats to get into, and I will buy a stand to set the tank on.

What do you think is the best way to go. I haven't cleared any of this with my grandmother, but I need to know which is the better choice so I know what to tell her when I start trying to convince her to let me bring in another addition to the family.
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im not a bird fan. my parents had one when i was a small child. the cat never touched it. the dog is the one who ate it. Ha what strange luck.

I like reptiles. Beardies are neat. the have been said to be fond of human interaction. unlike lots of other reptiles.
I myself own two Ball python snakes. they have great temperment, and are just amazing to maintain. Most people are afraid of snakes, I have an adult as well as a jumpy baby and never have they stuck out at us. they eat once a week and as they get larger they really only eat once every two weeks. you can use a glass home or even a plastic under bed storage container with holes drilled in it for an enclosure. They need no UV lighthing only a heat source. I would def. say go for a ball python. they are great!
and if your worried about snakes eating cats....dont. cats are more likely to eat the snake since ball pythons only get about 3 feet long and curl into a ball when danger is around or they feel stressed. theres no way they are gonna try and take down a 10lb cat!

if your interested I know some great links to help you learn about these great snakes!

there are many reptiles that are very very hard to keep. most people get a reptile and are not fully aware of how proper care works for such delicate creatures. what ever you do DO NOT BUY and iguana...they are a lot harder to care for then they seem lol!
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I love ball pythons. I used to have one. haha, I used to have a lot of animals, but we had to get rid of all our reptiles when we moved in with my grandmother. She HATES snakes. We also had a redtailed boa. Beautiful snakes. I loved them. But, since my grandmother doesn't like snakes, my best bet would be a lizard, most likely a dragon. I used to have two and they were such sillies. The female would run around the house, hide behind the couch and scare our cats silly. If it wasn't for my grandmother, I'd get a snake. I'm the only one in my family to like them.
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then go for a beardie! tegus are neat but from what i hear beaded dragons are a better pet. ive read in fourms that they actual like human contact. to me that is amazing. that right there would be a shoe in for me.

my grandparents live below me. my grandma is afraid the snakes (Khan and Lola) will find their way into their vents. I've explained time after time if anything the snakes would curl into a ball under the couch or behind the dresser and stay there till one of us spotted them. Lets just say grandma never comes up for a visit..hahahaha!

I wish I could give some love on birds but I really dont like them. I mean I love many animals and just about anything you can make a pet but for some reason Im not a bird or a horse fan.maybe some traumatic experiance as a child i supressed. Although there are many great birds who can be a great family memeber I am sooo partial to a reptile!
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Well I talked to my grandmother and I can get a dragon, as long as I keep it at my mother's house. My mom is hardly there, and she loves beardies, so it should be cool. I can't wait! Now I'm off to walmart to buy a ds.
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