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Cat breath & ear issues?

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I was just reading the thread about "horrible kitty breath". I got to thinking. Damita's got bad breath. I had the vet check her teeth when she was spayed, but he said they looked good. I just compared her teeth to Lily's, & they both have the same color white teeth. Both have nice pink gums, no sign of any redness. I got to thinking now...could Damita's bad breath be related to her ear troubles?

I asked the shelter about it Saturday & they told me they couldn't afford to get Damita into a vet until next month. (remember, she's my foster cat) I offered to pay for the vet bills, but they told me I'd still have to wait until next month as they have to do paper work & blah blah blah blah. I so want to just adopt her from them...she & Chico will never get adopted. A few weeks ago Damita was treated with Panalog for what I suspected was an ear infection. Her ears had wet black stuff in them. I cleaned them the day I started the Panalog & the day I was done with it, as directed.

Today, I see that there are scabs on her ears. She has some inside her ears. Admittedly, they look like they could be from Chico when they are playing(Chico has a love of ears). However, it looks like there is a little build-up in her ears again.

I examined her teeth by following the steps in this link.
Her breath smells like canned cat food, but I haven't given her any since 5pm last night. It's not too bad smelling, it just got me to wondering....

I really wish I could take her to a vet & plan on arguing with the shelter tonight when I am volunteering....so until then, any thoughts(about her teeth & her ears)? Could she have another ear infection? Did I not treat it right the first time? I should add that Damita had an ear infection in Feb that she was treated for right after being spayed. She seems to be prone to them.
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Yes ear issues can assist with breath issues.... Is she eating a heavy grain food??
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when i rescued Phoebe and took her into her first vet visit in god only knows how many years. the vet found she had some rotting teeth under the gum line a long with some of her other teeth rotting. the infection was so bad it damaged her vocal box and she had a massive ear infection to go with it. she now only has 6 teeth left and is allergic to everything under the sun. bless her she can even eat the hills wet allergy food with out vomiting. Royal Canin's Allergy diet is the only thing she can stomach now. she makes a mess of it but she gets most of it down!! she certainly isnt a skinny cat!!!
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Yes ear issues can assist with breath issues.... Is she eating a heavy grain food??
She is eating Purina ONE hairball formula mostly...but since the stools are looking good, she is getting 3/4 ONE & 1/4 Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken. I am switching both her & Chico over to SG over a 4 week period rather than 2 weeks because of the stool issues. Could the grain be causing ear issues?

The shelter told me to clean her ears with a cotton ball daily for one week, & then if htey are still bad to try the panalog again.
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Yes grains can let yeast grow rampent ...
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