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severed tail - how to care for?

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saturday night a very small kitten showed up on my porch. he was fairly thin and so i put out some food. it took a few hours of checking on him on and off before he'd let me near him. finally, i managed to catch him off guard and get him into a box, so that he could be transferred indoors and cleaned up and fed.

we washed him with a sponge and water and dried him off, and he spent the night on the floor in my bedroom. sunday i had to leave for a trip, so i put him back outside with a water dish and a can of food.

monday, before going to bed, i checked to see if the cat had returned, since a guest in my home said he'd seen him on the couch on my porch earlier. i found him sitting on the couch. he didn't try to run away this time, so i sat down next to him, and he was calm.

i petted him but then to my horror, noticed that his tail was bloody, that half of it was gone, ripped completely off and nowhere to be found. there were insects crawling among the flesh and fur. i brushed off the insects with a paper towel and cleaned the wound with a moist sanitary towel. i made a safe place for him to sleep outside, under a cushion leaned against the back of the couch, so that he wouldn't be seen by other animals or people.

today on my lunch break he was on the porch again, and there were insects on his tail flesh again. i brushed them off again and brought him inside so they wouldn't eat him anymore. i've got the cat, montreal, in a big box indoors.

he seems to be doing okay. he doesn't move around much, but that might be because he's not comfortable with me yet.

finally, my quesiton: is there anything i can do to speed the healing of his tail? i cannot afford to take him to a vet. he is not bleeding and does not appear in imminent danger. i am simply wondering if there are any home remedies or general practices i should try.
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You must get him to the vet NOW!! The wound can become infected and he could die. Plus he is probably in pain. Can you wrap it in something for now?

If you are not planning on keeping the cat you can bring him to a local emergency vet and I am sure they will take him for you. I would call around to see who could help you. I understand not having any money but I am sure there is a vet who would be willing to help the little guy out.

Good luck and bless you for helping him.
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I agree, the poor thing MUST be seen by a vet ASAP!

Bless you for taking him in, but he needs medical attention. Please make those calls!
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The kittens in pain.If he had alot of flys around the wound more then likely he will along with a infection develop maggots in the wound. The kitten must go to the vets! Today......
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This is an emergency situation, please take care of him and get him some help. Please keep us updated.
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This poor lil guy has recognized you as a loving person who is probably the only human on earth who has ever done anything for him. If you truly cannot afford to bring him to the vet, there is nothing wrong with taking him to a no-kill shelter. Call everyone in the area, tell them his story, and see what they say. We are in kitten season, but hopefully someone can help a tame, injured stray. Emphasize that you are able to sit next to him, touch him, and even clean his wound (likely very painful for him!). He is well-socialized and will be perfectly adoptable once he is healed. Someone probably dumped him for some reason-- he does not sound the least bit like a feral cat.

If you can find a way to have him treated, he will likely make an excellent and loving pet! Look for a shelter that operates a low-cost vet clinic. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Good luck, and let us know what happens with this special guy!
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I agree that the kitten is in danger. Without antibiotics, and probably surgery to close the site, the kitten will not heal.

Call the Hillsdale Humane Society http://www.theweb-link.net/ghhsshelter/ and ask if they will provide vet care if you foster the kitten. If not, then surrender him, knowing that you are probably saving his life.

BTW, my niece attended Hillsdale College, so I have been in your town when I visited her years ago.
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until you get the poor baby to the vet, please cleanse the wound (if he can stand the pain) with Betadine solution or at least warm water, and use Polysporin or Neosporin ointment. It is important to keep out the flies and other bugs. Sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} for his comfort and healing, and for you to find the resources to get him help ASAP. Please keep us posted! Susan
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It would be nice to have an update ............
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