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Tavia decided to smack Macy

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My sisters dog stays with us well she is normally a good dog but today she decided to chase Tavia. And I guess since my rat terrier and Tavia chase each other she decided she had enough and spun around and slapped Macy on the nose and that big huge boxer came yelping back. And they decided they didn't want to bother her. She loves the dogs but sometimes they get on her nerves. Poor Macy didn't know what to think.
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Mean ol kitty smaking that helpless boxer!! That is too funny!
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Funny thing since she did that, Macy has not chased her. And so I think either Macy is entertaining herself in other ways or she scared her. I think Tavia knows they get scolded when they chase her. Because she will run into the room they are in stand there twitch her tail and take off. Like she is saying catch me if you can. But that time she was simply in a mood that she didn't want to be chased. She likes running up and down the hallway.
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I think I know what you mean by "smacking". My mean kitty, Broomhilda, tries to smack my other kitty, Ezzie, on her head when she's annoyed. Usually Ezzie is sniffing her butt. Gee, now I can't decide who's side I'm on!
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Reilly does this to Jake alot!
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Tavia is the boss!
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Yep she bosses around all of those big dogs but dad's chiuhauha which is smaller than hers is her match luckily she is a laid back cat or we would see fur flying all the time. But she hides in the laundry room and when that big ol boxer comes by she jumps out and ambushes her. And the boxer doesn't mess with her too much when she hisses.
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