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How can I discourage spraying in areas of my house where my two 10-year old cats have already sprayed? I've cleaned the spots with heavy duty cleaners specially formulated for cat urine, but am afraid the lingering odor (and bad behavior pattern) will bring them back. Thanks
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Hi and welcome to you!
I would use a product such as Nok-Out that is an enzyme cleaner and gets right into the odor and eats it up. Also you can use a black light to see if there are any lingering spots tht you may have over looked. The boys are most likely marking their territory when they do this. Are they neutered?
You can use aluminum foil after cleaning for a while - they do not seem to like the sound of tinkling on that! Good luck - other cat friends here will have more suggestions for you I am sure!
Please stick around with us and enjoy your time here at TCS
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Has there been any new changes in the household like a new pet or new family member, recently moved, can they see outside cats from indoors? It helps to pin point the reason why they are spraying so you can work on stopping it.

I've never used them myself but I hear they work well in some cases, is a pheromone spray. You can spray that on the areas after you have cleaned them and is supposed to deter them from spraying in that area again.
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Try some of the ideas in this thread

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Thank you so much for the advice!
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