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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
We have one full and one half, but the half one's toilet is screwed up so noone uses it.
Same here. Our "half" bathroom is a laundry room too. This house used to be a school so it was the girls and boys bathrooms (which still say his and hers on the doors) and they are right beside each other.
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We have 2 1/2 bathrooms.
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Technically we have 2, but the girls' litterbox takes up most of the small bathroom so DH actually just shut the water off to it (it used to run a lot).
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My parent's house had three full baths, one for each of us. My apartment here has one, and the one I'm moving into has one the size of a closet.

I'll take anything over the dorms, though... one bathroom for 32 girls (five showers, four toilets, and eight sinks). Never a scrap of privacy.
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Just one and when we move it HAS to have at least 1.5 bathrooms because he always hops in the shower in the morning when I need to go and then I have to wait (and he can take forever)
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we have 3 bathrooms
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Not enough!
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We have for me, one for him. It was one of the non-negotiable requirements when we bought our house.
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We have one! Never, NEVER again! I always have to get up hours earlier then I have to be at work so I can have the bathroom before he gets up and takes over. It's a little one too so that does NOT help matters at all. I hate it and when we get a new house it will have enclosed porches, large windows and 2 bathrooms, required before I sign anything!
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We have 4 bathrooms....each of our 3 bedrooms have a bathroom and then we have a bathroom in the foyer which is the guest bathroom.
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We just moved 2 weeks ago & we have 2 bathrooms. It's awesome even though we haven't really had to use it. We have one on the main floor & one in the basement. I'm sure my bf uses it more than I ever would since his "den" is in the basement area.
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I have 3.5 bathrooms but we really only use the master bath and the first floor powder room. Oliver has his very own sink to drink out of! But, that'll all change in a few years when we turn the cat room into a nursery!
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We have a quad level house so the top floor with the bedrooms has the "big" bathroom with the whirlpool bathtub and our shower stall/flooring/tub deck is all limestone tile (we could have bought a car for the amt of $$ in that bathroom)
The next two levels have toilet/sinks and the basements has a tiled shower and a sink. In addition we have the laudry sink by the washer/dryer and a laundry sink in the garage (which is the most handiest place!!)
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My duplex has one full bathroom (which a few months ago when my sis and her family lives with my mom and i - all 7 of us shared 1 bathroom)....and Colin has 2 full bathrooms at his house. I split my time between the two
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2.5 baths......1 full, 1 half, and 1 for the kits who have their very own room
problem in my house is the full is teeny, tiny. The half is huge...but no shower . tough with 3 girls in the house (7 girls if you count the furbabies)
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I have 3 bathrooms, 2 full bathrooms which include the tolet, sink, stand up shower, and soaker tub, they are up stairs and on the main floor we have the powder room which includes the sink and tolet.
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