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Anyone take Nexium?

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Just curious.....does anyone take this?
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I think my dad did for a while.
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I have taken it for about a year now. It has been a Godsend for my stomach. Since I got pregnant my insurance won't cover it and I had to swich to a diffrent brand. But my nexium works wonders
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I think that I was on the P one, I can't remember the exact name... oh, Prilosec! but it didn't really help me too much, plus it was waaaay expensive
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I take Mexican Prilosec
Aplox I think it is called down there, about half the price it is up here at Costco.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn View Post
I take Mexican Prilosec
Aplox I think it is called down there, about half the price it is up here at Costco.
Hmmm I usually need it after eating Mexican
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I'm a lifer.
Chronic reflux since 23, ulcers started around 29-30.

My folks have a time share in Mexico that they visit every year, they always bring me back a case of the stuff, and the occasional bottle of booze
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I went on Prilosec at 19 (when it was still prescription only) for an ulcer I developed my freshman year. Now I take Nexium, but only on an as needed basis. I only have flare-ups every few months.
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My friend does and she swears by it.
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I started taking it a little over two weeks ago, and have stomach pains...........I know this is one of the side effects they talk about on TV, but I just hope it goes away!
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My boyfriend took it, but had HORRIBLE stomach problems caused by it so quit taking it. Just recently a doctor gave me some samples of Aciphex that I took for a week and a half, and had no trouble with it!
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I have really really bad GERD and a Hernia where my stomach & esophogaus meets. I've been on Prevacid, Prilosec, name it- nothing helped. I've had almost every test known to mankind done too- it stinks. (I'm only 21). Most of the time when people have GERD they do a PH test on them- I had the Bravo Monitor done on me. When you're knocked out they insert an eraser sized monitor in your esophogus and you wear a tiny monitor on your pant (the size of a cell phone clip) for a few days. The monitor eventually falls off and you turn in the pant reciever with the data back to the clinic for your PH readings...a normal reading for a young person is around a 14. Mine were 97,94, and 95...just for an example. I have found some relief with a new medicine called Zegarid- it's similar to Nexium, but for me, it works much better. I take a double dose- one in the morning and one at night....It seems to help. Also- most insurance companies are horrible about covering acid reflux meds. So since i can only afford one dose a month, my doctor gives me enough samples to double dose my meds everymonth- he's really sweet.My other option is surgery, so i think i'll take the pill a while and see how that goes. If i'm not better in two months, they're going to do surgery on my stomach for the GERD I'm seriously not into needles or anything like that so i'm hoping the meds will help. I hope that info that helps .

Oh, just a little side note- if you have any kind of IBS (spaztic colon- they preform a colonoscopy to diagnose it), acid reducers like nexium and zegarid, no matter what you take, make it worse. Nexium made me so sick i wound up in the hospital. I have GERD, IBS, and Lactose Intolerance- which can aggervate the what i do is i take over the counter lactose intolerance pills once a day and i take my acid reflux medicine. I don't take anything for IBS. I try not to eat foods that aggervate the IBS...but sometimes no matter what i eat i get sick...I don't take anything for IBS because it can make acid reflux worse. Your doctor can advise you on the best course of action for your body. Some things you can learn to tolerate a bit- I can tolerate IBS to an extent- but not GERD- i can't function when I get GERD it makes more sense for me to treat that. That was probably way too much information, but maybe in some way it can help you. Good luck
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