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Feline Luk and aids

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when is the best time to test for this dease. I really dont want to get a false neg or pos , i have had cats in the past with luk and i almost dont want to know if kirra were to have it (yes i know i need to know). But considering the price has gone up (i dont ever remember paying 40 bucks for the test) i wanna make sure when i do it it has the best chance of being accurate.

Also if she is pos its doesnt mean she has to be put down does it? She comes from a feral mom so i know her risk of having one is higher, but in the past i have had vets say they have to be put down if they have it (course this was 13 years ago).
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I believe I had read that the most accurate time is after 16 weeks
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I've heard the same thing - after 16 weeks is best to ensure the test results are accurate.

No matter what your vet says, there is absolutely no reason to have a cat PTS if it tests positive. FeLV+ & FIV kitties can live for years with these diseases and have an excellent quality of life. I know several people that have FeLV+ and FIV kitties that are 8-10 years old and still going strong.
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OK thanks guys, good thing i havent had her tested yet, she is just now 12 weeks. I doubt this vet would say to put her down but i dont know, the ones in the past have said that so i was curious, I wouldnt anyway just because i am so attached to her, she is like one of my kids, that and my kids are attached lol. I wouldnt put her down for any dease unless she was in pain or suffering and couldnt be treated, was just curious about the dease just incase.
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