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I got the couch

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See, I DO get the couch! (Sometimes)
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Ah, but I also see that you are still SHARING the couch with Opie! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Well, I didn't say that I got it ALL to myself!
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Hahahahaha!!!! Shame on you for making poor Ike get up off his couch!!!
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When I end up on the couch or bed with a cat on me I always blame the cat when the hubby asks why I am lying down "honestly honey, the cat throw me on the couch and is forcibly holding me down and making me pet him/her!"
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That's a cute picture!! Enjoy the couch while you can!
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YOU got the couch yes, but the cat got YOU!
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Yeah right couch! With 3 Kitty Kats in the house there is no way they are going to share a couch. My youngest black persian Neko sleeps on the lounge floor nearest you in front of the fire. )this is HIS place and HIs place only) My beautiful (I shouldn't say favourite) blue persian Susiha sleeps in her own room on a bed covered with quilts and blankets in the dark on her own, (This is HER room) and my oldest moggy Jazz sleep in a single chair in our lounge room with head beneath blankets to shut out the light of the lounge room (this is HER place). My Kittys are so spolit if they dont like their blankets and rugs anymnore they get new ones. (I am a terrible un lawful mum) MY kittys are my babies and I like to make sure they are all comfortable and happy at all times. So couch, yeah right, I dont think so!!!
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