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info about kittens

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hi, well i took my lil cat to the vet, and they said that it was her mik. So i guess i was worring for nothing, but this is my love, so i was glad i was safe then sorry... Anyway, i want to know when can i start to handle the kittens? the mom is always watching me, and trys to keep me out of the box to even pet the kittens. Should i handle them right away, i want them to be use to humans, i dont want them to be a wild cat. .
so i will be here waiting, hoping that i will get a wuick responce so i can go see them.... they are tiny, also i dont know when she would of had them, i was gone campin, and when i came back she had 3 of them.. any ideas?

thank you
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I started handling the kittens as soon as they were born, helped mom dry them off. Misty was laid back unless I made her only boy kitten cry...then she'd get up and grab him back lol! If she seems that upset over you handling them maybe back off for a few days. Even with handling them all the time my guys went though a period of a "don't hold me or I\\ll scream...they now are very pick me up hold me first tho. RJ
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well she is just watching every step i do around the box. when i put my hand in she jumps in and litterly sits on the kittens, and smells them? maybe i should stay away?
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For now, since her behavior is still a little skittish - just let them be without a lot of handling. You can check them daily for progress, get weights, do a quick look-see to make sure everyone is OK, but other than that, don't pick them up or handle them a lot. There will be plenty of time yet to handle and play with them.
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I have been picking up/weighing the kittens since birth and Spots is ok with it.
The little male screams so loud (it's too funny!) like i'm killing him or something...must be a 'boy thing'...LOL...but Spots will look and see all is ok and she doesn't get anxious or anything. She leaves the crate when they are sleeping and looks to be happy to be out and around everyone in the house again.
I was worried about what I thought was rough handling of one of the kittens but haven't seen that happen again. I think she has no clue how to pick them up. One of them crawled all the way to the door of the crate and I just waited to see what she would do and she just looked at her but didn't pick her up and bring her back down the other end.
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I would let the Momma cat set the pace. So long as she is caring for them, you can wait a few days to start handling them. If she is skittish, there is more danger in handling them early and upsetting her.

I had one foster cat who went WACKY, and I spent almost no time at all with her kittens for a couple of weeks...they still turned out to be lovely, tame kittens!
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