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Birth log? Need ideas

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What should my birthing log look like? I was thinking it should have this...

1-Time of birth (date as well)
2- Weight at time of birth

Everyday after record weight

Sound about right? Am I forgetting something?

What is a healthy weight at time of birth. How soon after do I weigh them?
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this is how i have mine set up i think between

i think between 30/40 gram's witch i think is about 3 ounce's? if i'm wrong please correct me as i would like to know myself
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sorry that should be about 3/4 oz
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In my kitten's log book, I put the following.....

Pre Birth

Photo of pregnant mum


Time of birth
Colour/specific markings
Breech or head first birth
Photo at birth

Post Birth

Weight everyday, then after a few weeks, weight every week


When first teeth appeared
When eyes opened
Colour of eyes
When ears opened
When their first walk outside the nest was
When first had solid food
When first litter trained
When first examined by a vet
When had first vaccinations
Paw print (DO NOT use anything toxic! I used a non-toxic childrens paint and washed it off the kittens straightaway after taking the imprint, making sure that it was only the pads of one paw that was covered (as opposed to covering the fur with paint) to take the imprint.

The log book now makes a lovely souvenir which i like to re-read everynow and then!

I have the template of the kitten log I made up myself (with fancy pictures (taken from Microsoft Office so no copyright issues) which anyone can use to insert their own kittens details. PM me if you would like a copy (is that ok mods?)
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A normal birth weight is between 90-110 grams...I know a few of mine were more and one was only 80...but all 5 made it(I read a few times on net under 90 have less chance). I set up the log with color sex time. more of a sentimental reminder for me then anything. then I weighed them daily till they hit 2 lbs and then every few weeks just to see where they are at-16 weeks old now!!!! RJ
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Thanks guys. I am going to get on windows and and make a log based on the info you gave me.
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Personally I never kept track of weight of the kittens - I'd go by general feel, activity and overall health.

But the first few litters I had a notebook with:

1. date of birth/time
2. color of kitten
3. sex of kitten
4. miscellaneous notes (in case I had two of the same color)
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If you make a nice one with baby pictures which can be printed, it is always a nice (and very much appreciated) gesture to give one to the new adoptive parents of the babies along with feeding instructions, litter suggestions, a favorite toy ... just a thought.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Personally I never kept track of weight of the kittens - I'd go by general feel, activity and overall health.
As a breeder, you were more familiar with what a healthy kitten felt like, but for people who aren't as experienced, weighing kittens can be a good early indicator if an issue arises.
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That's true Gay. I kinda chuckle a bit with how some in here seem to be a little obsessed with weighing kittens. However, before I got into breeding, we NEVER weighed kittens.

IMO its not that necessary to keep track - you don't have to be into breeding to tell when kittens are healthy. If they cry a lot, are slow in moving or not bouncing around, then you know something is wrong.
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I can clearly see that breeders are more 'experts' with raising kittens and weighing is not so much an issue for them.

However, as an unexperienced kitten owner, I weighed my kittens as it was a way of checking their growth progress and reassuring myself that all was ok with them. Plus it has been quite an educational thing to do. I had no clue about what a kitten should weigh and its rate of growth before, but now I do.

With it being my first little of kittens...quite a novelty...I wanted to learn as much as I could from the experience and be sure I was doing the best job I could for them.
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Wow, sounds like you guys really knew what you were doing. No progress on Sunshine. She is about 62-63 days due. Pray its tonight, I can't take this much longer.
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