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Cat and rats??!!!!!!!!

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Hi people!

At the moment, I have 3 rats - 2 of which are over two (old in rat years!) I wasn't keen to get a kitten with having the rats but another member said many of you have cats with other animals.

My only concern is, I will be at college for most of the day and I would be concerned for the ratties safety with the cat. (The rats are in a large aivery style cage in the livingroom)

Any thoughts?
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As long as you can lock the cage doors (curious paws and all) and secure the cage so that it can't be knocked over, all will be well.

I've never had a problem with keeping cats and any small rodents.
Teach the cat early on that the cage is off limits.
Doesn't keep them off the cage while you're gone, but it does help them get the idea that those are not toys.

The only time I had any incidents was with untame spiney mice that had escaped.
They weren't caged, therefore they were fair game to my mouser.
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At least it's a newbie kitten you can train, and not a full-grown, experienced cat.

Just ensure rats' cage is secured and kitten-paw-proof!

Ann Demi
"Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems"
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well i have five cats and have just lost our rat after 3 and a half great years..my cats would maybe sometimes sit and look at him thru the cage but seemed not bothered with him been there ..his cage was in the kitchen were the cats weremost of the time eating ect..i did have locks on the cage as he loved to open the door and wonder..but couldnt when cats were around..dont u find rats are soooo cool, one of the friendly and loving pets u can have
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Right now we have four cats (one is a recently-adopted kitten) and I have one hamster (not a rat, but close enough), and I'm getting one-two more in the near future. I've never had a problem with any of the kitties and my hammie.. the most they'll do is sit next to the cage and look. Clover (kitten) isn't even that terribly interested in him. I'm gone a lot with my summer job, and I will be when school starts, and I've never had any problems with being gone. Just make sure the door is kitty-proof/secure, and you'll be fine!
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I had rats. some are feeders for the snakes and some are pets. My Mikey just likes to watch them through the glass. After about the first few days he wasnt that into them unless I was messing around in their cages. As long as you keep the lid secure you should be fine.
They make 10 gallon tanks with lids that slide on and securely snap into place. also the make lid locks which look like metal brackets. those work well also. or you can always do the whole brick on the top bit.

The biggest thing to remember is always wash your hands or use a alcohol based hand sanatizer when dealing between pets. talk about rif-raff I have to almost take a complete shower and change clothes when dealing with rats and then snakes. Its a pain but I havent been mistaken for food yet.

I have 12 weanling rat pups at home. if your in the milwaukee area....I'd give them to ya for free!!! lol...Ive got a full house
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