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Some like it HOT

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Ok, another strange Chloe behavior: We live in the FL Keys. We have 2 seasons hot and windy (winter) and really hot and wet(summer). She loves to be outside. The vet says, just like old people, cats get cold too and she may not like the A/C. My other cat Riley would go into the garage and sleep when he got to be about 14 yrs old. SOmetimes when it gets really hot I bring her in, kicking and screaming , of course. Then she scratches at the door to go out. It's not like it's freezing in here. We keep it at 77 degrees.
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My cats are all heat lovers. It will be 95 degrees outside and they still will fight each other for the best spot in the sun. They have the option of heading into the computer room which is the coolest room in the house but they'd rather be basking in the sun.
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Mine will also seek out the warm sun and stretch out in it even though we are dying from the heat! Go figure.......
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My cat Willie (who is solid black ) has been lying out in the 90 degree heat and 85% humidity for weeks! He comes in to get a quick drink of water and then he is back out there. I have to carry him back in the house when I leave.

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Sounds like my Mom's girl Piper - she actively seeks out heat even when it's 100+ - and she is a long hair to boot. Go figure, they allhave their quirks.
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