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Tuxedo kittie needing home for over 2 years

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If you are in the Western or upstate New york or southern Ont area and are looking for a one and only cat please consider this girl.

I have met her. she is a sweet girl. Her eyes are losing the twinkle that they once were, but she still has hope.

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Oh my. This is a beautiful cat. She looks a lot like my Max (RB cat in my siggy). I can't help you with a home for her, but I do hope you find one. For any who might be considering this, I can only say Max was a tuxedo like this kitty. He was so smart, the smartest cat I ever knew, and my soulmate cat.
I think it is a trait for them to be unusually intelligent. Sending vibes and prayers for a good home for this cat. She is lovely.
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Aww poor Sylvie,she doesn't deserve to be in there. She needs a forever home fast.
Two years is two years too long.

Please don't lose hope Sylvie Sweetie,I love you and I'm sure somebody will be there soon who loves you too

{{{{Sending Many Many Foreverhome Vibes and Prayers for Sylvie }}}}
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Aww, what a sweetie...It's a shame she can't get along with other cats (I have two older males). I live in niagara falls, ontario, very close by. I was looking through the shelters list of other cats...Rocky has just stolen my heart! How is he for getting along with other cats...? If you know any more info about him, is there any possibility you could PM me? I'm considering comming to visit him, and if he has a good toleration for other cats, my two boys are very non-threatening and laid back, and would really love to welcome a new friend who deserves a fresh start at life! Thank you!
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Sorry i missed this. I dont make back to these boards as much as i used to.
I will find out for you. I do not work at that shelter specifically.
im in Niagara Falls on the other side of the bridge from you and assit the Niagara and erie shelters as well as some smaller rescue groups in this region.
thats how i met Slyvie here. SHe has been around to so many adoption points, pet smart etc...poor girl
I have not seen Rocky other than the pictures, But i will find out what i can for you. http://www.freewebs.com/tlhsny/index.htm is their site.

BTW what a cutie Fatty is.
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TYVM! He is quite the handsome devil, Isn't he? *grin*
That would be great, any info would be wonderful, Rocky's story just calls to me! I'm so upset about poor Sylvie, it's just such a shame she doesn't get along with other cats, or I'd scoop her up and take her home in an instant! I'd take her, but I wouldn't want her to be miserable in a home with other cats, that's not fair to her. Thanks again for responding to my post...When I have a free moment within the next few days, I'll try to give the shelter a call.
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I sent you a PM should you not get notification of it.
Let me know if you did not get it.
I think Rocky would be a great addition to your home.
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