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I have a question..

I want to make a slideshow set to music that we could present at our wedding reception, but I've never done one before

Can you do one on Microsoft Powerpoint and set it to music?, or are there other free programs out there that would do it?

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Have you looked at this site?
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Thanks for the link...it looks really helpful
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My niece and her husband put such a thing together a few months ago, using Powerpoint. It was an excellent piece of work. So, I know that IS an option, but not having done it myself, I can't comment on the process.
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If nothing else works, you could always do the Powerpoint presentation and the music separately (i.e. have the songs playing on a CD at the same time).
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I've kind of toyed around the Powerpoint idea, and I might end up going with it. I'm not very computer savy when it comes to stuff like that and I think simplier is probably better at this point!
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If you have windows, you can go to the microsoft website and download a very easy to use, decent slideshow maker called Photo Story 3 for free. I use it and it does a pretty good show and is super easy to use!
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My sister just used the windows movie maker thing that comes built in for hers
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I have been using this


Its a 30 day free trial.The interface is really easy to understand and it isn't complicated at all.
You can insert pictures,movie clips,audio and have special effects and titles too

Oh no,I've just realised the version on the link will only give you a minutes output and its watermarked too.
There is an older version where you don't get that but where it is I don't know sorry.
So this is probably useless unless you like it and buy it
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You can set a powerpoing slideshow to music. If you are creating it on one computer and then saving it on a disk to play on another computer, make sure the music file is saved on the disk otherwise the music won't play. If you need some help with it, I'll be glad to help you. I've taken a lot of Microsoft Office Classes in College.
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