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My work has gone crazy!

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My contract at my part time job ran out last week and they told me that they wouldnt keep me on. I would have liked to have stayed on, but it's really no big deal.

Anyway, despite the fact that I don't work there anymore, I have still been put down to work all this week

They keep ringing me and asking where I am, then telling me if I can't come in I have to get cover for my shifts!!

I keep telling them that I don't work there any more and I dont have to do anything but still they keep ringing!!

My sister works in the same place and is on holiday which she told them about 6 times now, including in her actual interview. Every other day for the two week duration they have been ringing up and asking for her.

it's quite funny, but I don't see how people that stupid are able to get to managment level.

When they rang me Sunday I was in Dublin and they couldnt understand why i couldnt just come back for my four hour shift...
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Always fun!!

My friend was from London and had come to uni up here, her work was calling her numerous times, to,o wondering why she couldn't get there!

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?!
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Wow, I've never had that happen! Are there managers that oversee those that are calling? If so, I'd get a hold of them and inform them that their employees are harassing you.

Essentially, once you informed them that you were no longer employed there, they should have stopped calling. Any calls after that can be, and should be, viewed as harassment. That word usually gets people to LISTEN, lol.
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Thats as bad as my old boss. I went to Florida for vacation and left the schedule for who was supposed to work and everything. He called me and asked why one girl didn't come in. I told him I don't know I am in Florida and can't do anything about it that he was the owner why didn't he call HER!! Some people are just dense!!
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It' called :

"The Dilbert Principle. The Dilbert Principle refers to a 1990s satirical observation stating that companies tend to systematically promote their least-competent employees to management, in order to limit the amount of damage that they're capable of doing. In terms of effectiveness, it is akin to a band of gorillas choosing an alpha-squirrel to lead them."

and they are loose in my company - run /hide
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Originally Posted by maverick_kitten View Post
My contract at my part time job ran out last week and they told me that they wouldnt keep me on. I would have liked to have stayed on, but it's really no big deal.

They keep ringing me and asking where I am, then telling me if I can't come in I have to get cover for my shifts!!
Oh my, i dont suppose you work for HP computers do you? I contract to HP who then loans me out to to different places. Well i been with this one company as part of HP both here and overseas jobs for 8 years, Well my contract ran out Tuesday(HP said i cost to much money) oh the kitty i have now is the first cat i have been able to have in almost 10 year!!! cause i was never in one spot long enough to have a pet.

I just got a call from the client going where are you, i said, i dont work for hp anymore..
they where like what, we thought you where working for us, No i have been working on contract with hp..

the client then asked if i would come in tonight anyway until we fix this issue..

I said who going to pay me,, well hmm we dont know, then no i cant come in.

ok back to important stuff(world of warcraft)
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My goodness...they must be crazy
I would tell them to bug off if I were you.

That happened to me not to long ago; I was working for a Temp agency for a few months and finally I got a job out side of that at the Local News paper as a Graphic Designer. I call this Temp Agency to tell them that I will no longer be working for them. They said okay we will put it in the system not to contact you. 6 months goes by and last week I got a call everyday, they would leave a message on the answering machine asking me to work at this one place and they were telling me what time to go in. I had to call them back and tell them I am not working for you anymore and haven't worked for you in 6 months!!! What the heck are you doing?? Then they asked me, well... we need people to work, do you think you could come in, I said NO I am working at another place and I am very happy, if I want your services I would contact you. That is how it works.

Oh my goodness I was mad. I felt like I was getting harassed.
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Wow.... your stories just astound me.

I've "almost" quit the job I have currently... I've told them that as of the 26th my class schedule will make it very difficult to work so they need to start looking for someone else. I work as an HTML coder for a gentleman on the East Coast who does an online column... and he calls me up (often) telling me that he has "just" sent me a story that needs to go up immediately. Usually I'm an hour away from home.

If he just called me... *sigh* He knows these stories are coming down the pike... so if he just let me know a head of time everything would be fine... but Noooooooooo.

Good Luck to Maverick to find another job that you like soon!
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Well, I have just found out from a friend that they have scheduled me to work sat!

I don't know whether to call them and say that I am not going in (because the managers are really really bitchy and it would eb a lot of hassle on my part and they would insist that i ring people up to try and get my shift covered) or just play dumb and not go in.

They havent phoned me to tell me that i am working and I havent seen the rota either.

I hate all this hassle! it's worse than working there!!
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Why dont you just go in and tell them the situation?
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Because I have told them by phone and in person already. Plus i am working somewhere else so dont have the time to go in!

Plus, they are really spiteful people, i dont see why i should have to put ymself through the stress and nastiness.
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oo that kinda sucks! hmmm just dont pick up the phone and if they ask you should just swear at them
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I would just ignore the schedule. You have been informed that you no longer work there; whether or not they are capable of remembering this information is hardly your problem. You are under no obligation to go into work on Saturday -- this is not your job anymore. If they call you up on Saturday and demand that you find someone else to work "your" shift, I would just hang up on them. You've already explained the situation over the phone and in person; their inability to keep track of their own employees is not something you should have to worry about. If they call back and give you a hard time about A) not coming in to work that day and B) hanging up on them, I'd mention the word "harrassment" as someone else has already suggested. They are harrassing you. Losing a job is traumatic enough without your former employers forgetting that they sacked you in the first place!
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I think you should wait until they call you on Saturday and tell them you are on your way. Maybe they will get mad and fire you. When they pull your personnel file they will see that YOU DON'T EVEN WORK THERE ANYMORE.
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