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Clawing:is Soft Paw Ok To Use???

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Hi!! My tabby queen seems to believe that she can claw, rip, tug, scratch all the chairs, coaches, rugs+carpets (damn it we have antique 100 year old Turkish and Persian carpets that were left over to us from granpa!!) ..... Ive tried scratching posts, ropes, and put them all over the house (theyre all very firm too so that she doesnt have any trouble with them wobbling under her paws!). But NO USE!!! My moms getting really pissy pissy with all this scratching and Im all out of my options except for "soft claws"..Here in Turkey (İstanbul) im not yet sure if theyre available (probably not) but i guess im gonna order them online since I dont seem to have any other choice!
But before I do, can those experienced users of soft paw PLEEASE tell me if they really work? But most of all do they have any disadvantages on the cats health and behaviour? They seem to be rubber nail covers but ı kinda imagined myself wearing them and dont think ıd be able grasp the surface that im trying to climb, eg id slip right down if i were to climb a high sofa or counter!!?? But ofcourse this is just my calculation; Its the opinions of the owners who have cats with soft paw that ım counting upon... Looking forward to all your opinions !!!...................
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I have never used them but I do know before applying you are required to cut their claws. I do this to my kitten every week and, I have to say, I can barely do this let alone glue on 8 nail covers. He squirms like mad and cries like I am killing him. I would never waste my money on SC because I just know I would not be able to apply them properly.

I suggest you first try clipping the tip of her nails off. That way you will know how tolerable she will be to applying the nail caps. Remember to just clip the very tip so you don't hurt her. Also, this will minimize the damage she can do with her claws to your carpet and furniture.
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THey work very well. You need to start by getting her used to handleing her paws. So sit down and try to clip them and she how she acts. You may have to glue on on at a time and let her go play or whatever until she will let you do another!!
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They are definitely worth it!!!
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I swear by them!

I am very very anti-declaw (as most are here) as I know how horrible it is for the kitties, having assited on declaws.... so I knew that definitely wasn't an option when Oliver started destroying my furniture, doors, and skin.... I've been using soft paws for over a year now and I love them! Definitely start by handling your cat's paws (ie: massaging them, clipping the nails) if you don't do that already - this will get your cat used to you handling his feet.... you may need someone to help you apply them until your kitty gets used to the process (a groomer or vet/vet tech should be willing to show you how to apply them first... although I don't know how things work in Turkey, so they may not be familiar with soft paws) - the first time I applied them to Oliver, I put him in his leash and harness (a: so he couldn't bolt off and b: because his harness kind of calms/slows him down) and then I had my boyfriend at the time hold him on the floor, in between his knees/thighs to keep him from squirming....

You'll want to clip kitty's nails before applying them and make sure you get the proper cap size and put enough glue in each cap (not so it's overflowing, but a good amount.... you may want to get clear/natural color for your first set so you get used to the right amount of glue).... the caps will not affect your cat normally using his paws/claws either... at first, he will try to get them off and probably walk around shaking his feet - I try to distract Oliver with some treats or toys (or hold on to him for a bit) to let the glue set so he can't rip them off.... don't worry, the caps don't hurt it's just a weird feeling to them - kinda like humans wearing acrylic or press-on nails, takes a little getting used to....

Your cat will still scratch at his posts and such because it's natural instinct, but he wont be able to destroy furniture if he still scratches at them... I just ordered a new set of caps for Oliver through ebay for $16 (US) which included shipping and a free catnip mouse (of course this was US shipping) - that's cheaper than the $20-some I pay at petco for the pack and online I'm able to order any of the colors I want (I got blue this time as a change from the clear and so Oliver's all ready for football season )....

Ummm, I'm tryin to think of any other advice.... oh, the caps will fall off occasionally as the nail naturally sheds and you will have to apply fresh ones (they may come off sooner/quicker in the beginning when your kitty's not use to them yet and still tries to get them off, but they'll last longer as your cat gets acclimated)... you'll find the little caps variously around your house (they will have the shed nail pieces still glued inside them so you cant reuse tham)... the packages come with 40 caps and 2 tubes of glue (you can also carefully use super glue if you need to) - I only cap Oliver's front paws, as the only damage he does with his back feet are when he's playing and bunnykicking us....

I think that's just about everything I can think of about soft paws, but ask away if you have any more questions.... hope this helped!
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