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cat vomiting "unknown" worm.

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Well, maybe not unknown but I have no idea what they are.

My cat vomited today and the worms were brown... around 5 cm long and what looked like blood and water sorrounding it.

I have NO idea what they are.

She's been eating a lot lately and started vomiting her food yesterday.

I really don't know what they could be but i'm worried because this could be a problem for me and my family.

They don't have the tapeworms "strip of tape" look. (Though they are pretty skinny)

She just had 4 babys around a month ago if that helps.

She used to go out regularly but recently we have kept her inside until we get her neutered.

I also have a 7 month male.

Sorry for the small amount of information but I really do not know that much about cats :/

I've been reading up andworms but can't seem to find ANYTHING that fits there description.

Can someone help me out with this?

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Sounds like hookworms, she probably has other internal parasites as well.
Not a problem for your family, but she and the 7month old will have to be wormed by your vet, and your vet needs to know that she's nursing.

Also ask at what age the babies can be brought in to be wormed.
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Hookworms are generally not visible to the naked eye and they mostly found in the stool. Your best bet is to take your cat to the vet and have a fecal done as well as get a sample of the worms to take with you. They could be roundworms if they look like cooked spaghetti noodles, they could be stomach worms. Your vet is the best answer for you. He will know what they are and what to treat your cat with. Generally when they vomit worms they are roundworms. They could be colored from some blood in the system. Your kitty needs a vet.
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Okay thanks for the help so far.

If someone could answer these last questions for me it would help me a lot. Thanks.

Will this be a problem for her babys if she nurses them? Will the worms somehow get into there bodys?

About it being hookworms or not if you google hookworms the 3rd picture to the right resembles it. (Sorry link a little too long to post)
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If she does have hookworms then she really needs a vet because these are blood-sucking parasites and she is anemic. If you can take a sample of her vomit (disgusting I know) but your vet will appreciate it really with you to the visit then it can be diagnosed quicker. And I stand corrected, on heavy infestations hookworms can grow and the cat can vomit them. Thankfully, I have only had to deal with tapeworms and roundworms periodically here.

Kittens can catch worms in utero. Also does the mom cat have fleas?
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And if you have a male cat who has not been neutered (males get neutered, females get spayed), your female cat can get pregnant while she's nursing babies, and may already be pregnant again.

If your boy isn't neutered, please go get him done ASAP or keep him away from your girl!

Good luck with the worms!
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Get the mommy to the vet ASAP ... talk with the vet about a neuter for the boy ...
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