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Toys for Kittens Home Alone

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Hi everyone. I was wondering if there are any safe toys I could give my 5 -6 week old kitten, Lusa, to entertain herself while I'm at work?

Lusa's energy level and curiosity are increasing by the day it seems and it's great fun to play with her when I'm at home. She particularly loves ribbons and ropes, but not ping pong balls.

Could I tie a ribbon to a chair for her to bat at or something along those lines?

Thank you for any suggestions!
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Hi, possibly a small rubber ball hung a few inches off the floor (on something she can't chew apart), definitely some large-marble sized balls of ... rolled up aluminum (but be prepared for them to be under furniture fast - they need an endless supply!), a small (12-16" across), transparent, plastic 'donut' with a channel cut out of the inner 'face' and a ball inside that she can chase around from the donut 'hole' (any pet store would have them), a few loose pieces of newspaper, or paper bags on the floor just to pounce in, or on, or under are all things they love and that are safe. Of course the best things are interactive, but those are a good start. I'd be very careful about ribbon, or string that she could either get tangled in (believe me it's not hard!) or chew up and swallow - and choke on, or get tied around her intestines (yuck, but it happens, as they can't spit out things because their tongues are 'barbed' to keep things going downward, and not out).
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Yes, be careful about ribbons. Emily ate a little piece of ribbon once, and I didn't know until I found it in the litter box.
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This is the best toy ever!!! I got it at petsmart and my boys love it!! The kitten and the big boy!

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My kittens love these toys:

I have the Catnip Two Toss and they like them so much that I might get another type too. Or just more of those. I got them on clearance at Petsmart for $2, by the way.

They're too young to pay attention to catnip, but those balls roll funny, are small enough to carry, soft enough to chew, and those thick "strings" drivet them nuts. They seem pretty sturdy.

You can get the Cat Dancer with a sticky-backed holder (that actually sticks) so you can give her the Cat Dancer while you're gone. The toy itself is wire and cardboard.

Also, if you're careful not to make the holes too big, you can cut holes in a cardboard box and put small toys like jingle bell balls inside.
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We have a 12 week old kitten and the things she amuses herself most with, by herself are -

TurboScratcher - The plastic donut and ball Larke mentioned.
Hairbands - she spends hours playing with them - thick ones so she can't chew through
Socks - I got one of my husbands socks, tied a knot in the top and she will spend hours rolling around on the floor with it, chewing the knot and fighting with it
Cardboard boxes

I think they're all pretty safe toys and i think with all 4, our Libby could amuse herself all day long!
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Oliver LOVES these things.


1 old sock
paper lunch bag or other paper - ripped into small pieces and crumpled into balls
ribbon (if desired)

Stuff sock full of paper balls. Pour catnip into it. Tie a knot at the top. You can tie the ribbon around the knot if you choose. Toss it to your cat and let the fun begin!
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When my girls were babies,they would occupy themselves for hours with the cardboard from a roll of toilet tissue.A sheet of the tissue used for wrapping gifts is still one of their favorites!!
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Thanks, everyone for the great ideas! I can see Lusa playing with them in my mind's eye. I'll avoid the ribbon when I can't be there to watch her.
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You know, I realized I forgot some of the best free toys because I think of them as primarily rabbit toys. Cardboard boxes with door holes cut in them are awesome, especially if you take a few and make a little maze. Paper bags are great, just remove any handles. And you wouldn't believe how much fun a pile of old newspapers is for both kittens and bunnies!
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