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Cat Play fighting

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SO I have a new kitty (here two weeks) and a 11 month old cat and they have been introduced...they are always chasing each other around and then they fight....they older one meows and the little one growles and hisses but they always both go back for more....so I cant tell if they are play fighting or not....they tumble around on the ground and swat with their paws and they each try to go for each others necks with their mouths ...no bleeding so I dont think they are biting or scratching hard...then they run and chase each other a little...and repeat...what do you think?
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i thinks it typical. im sure they will grow out of it.
kittens always stirr up things a bit.

keep a spray bottle on hand. if they get out of line a few squirts should do break em up and over time correct any nasty behavior
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Their wrestling matches do often look more sewere then they are even among pals. New acquints play harder than old friends, it IS a little seriously, it is.

But still, by yours description it is clearly play even if rather rough play, NOT real fight.

Be a little prepared and watchful, but dont worry.
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Thanks all
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I want to add that a spray bottle is NOT a good idea. There are other ways to seperate them if things get out of hand. More likely than not one cat or the other will let the more aggressive one that enough is enough be it with a harder bit or a serious hiss.
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Actually I just beat em Nah they have actually calmed down a bit I think the acclimation period is over and all should be well. Thanks to all of you
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hey there rhoady! i used to live in Cumberland and went to school at Bishop Feehan in MA! i miss it there

as for the kitties, mine are doing the same thing. little Trouble attacks Phoebe for no reason then run round the house and scrap wicked bad sometimes. no fur is flying and no blood so i think it's just playing on the kittens part. i'm HOPING she will grow out of it!! lol poor Phoebe isn't getting any younger! i find it happens more when i give one of them attention or i don't give the kitten any attention when she wants it. then she goes over and pounces Phoebe to get a rise out of me. little brat! lol definatly wouldn't use a spray because not only are you upsetting them and making them afraid of you but you are also teaching the cat that didn't start it that they may have done somthing wrong! plus that only means they just won't do it when you are around, but still will when you're not.
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I was having the same exact thing happen. I adopted a new 6 month old kitten last Friday and him and my 2 year old do the same thing you are describing, it has died down a bit but they still do it at least once a day. I don't use a spray bottle because if they are playing you don't want to punish them for it. It may also give them negative feeling for each other. I would suggest triming their nails though, that's what I do that way if they do scratch at each other nobody will get hurt. I also read on a reply to a similar topic that you should watch their tails, the one being chased will have a kind of bowed tail. That means that the cats are playing and not fighting.
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My two bonded cats are not litter-mates, either; but came together as kittens (3 months apart in age) a few years ago.

They often sleep together, groom each other, chase each, wrestle, and fight with bites, snarls and even flying fur; bang into walls and tumble into corners. Then end up just lying around the floor content.

It's a cat's life. :>)
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