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Neutered male cat nursing kittens

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Have you ever heard of a male cat nursing kittens?

JJ, a very loving neutered male kitty, recently had a leg amputated.

Scroll down to the bottom posts for the latest photos of
JJ and the kittens attempting to nurse.


Any ideas about what is going on?
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I guess it's the same as female cats nursing kittens who aren't theirs... The kitten latches on, and the adult lets them because it comforts the kitten???

Like I said in the other thread - JJ is one special kitty
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It isnt that unusual with friendly spayed male cats nursing kittens. And quite many arent nursing, but are behaving like a somewhat helpless but wellwishing uncle.

Very nice of course, especielly if you work with fostering of semiferals.

I have heard of examples of nursing tomcats (often pedigree Sirs), but this is more seldom yes.
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My cat Gizmo is neutered and male and 2 of the kittens, Amelia and Boris (3-4 months), still attempt to nurse from him! He lets them get away with it as he is an affection addict.

Without being crude, just ensure that the kittens do not suckle from any 'lower parts' as I don't think urine makes a good milk substitute.
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We had a male dog that served as a giant pacifier for two kittens we were hand rearing. Rex was an amazing dog.
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These are such heartwarming stories about gentle male animals who live outside of their stereotypes.

Bravo to all of these caring lads.
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Our 2 girls Charlotte & Bridget (11 weeks), try to nurse from our 1 1/2 y/o neutered Rufus. He bathes them & wraps his "arms" around them. And this was the boy who hissed & growled the first 3 days after they came to live with us! What can I say, he's always been a lovey-boy.
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I assume JJ isn't actually producing milk?? That they're just comfort sucking??
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Could you give us a link to the pics of him nursing. I'm not sure I am finding the right one.

What are they nursing ON? ....
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Male Cat Nursing Kittens

Click the above link.
It will take you to page 18 of a thread about JJ.
Scroll down to post #538.
You will see 5 photos of handsome JJ with the kittens attempting to nurse from him.
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Here is is. This is the link. And they are definately suckling the correct nipple....hehe And ya, JJ is pretty special in every way. I am fixing to see if I can see more post on each page too...... Mine has 46 pages..

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