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Update on Beetle Bailey

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Once the vet got in there to actually see the damage, there was more damage then first noticed on the films. So Beetle is getting neutered today and tomorrow morning, the vet calls in a friend who specializes in orthopedics and Beetle will have another surgery to fix his leg and also his hip. I am told I can visit him anytime, so we will go over there tomorrow afternoon and see how he is doing. He is getting lots of pats and loves from the staff there and evidently last night, he really showed them how much he loves cheese whiz in the can...LOL So keep him in your thoughts if you will, looks like he will be at the vet for another few days at least.
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Sorry to hear that it's worse than expected but he sure is in some terrific hands

I think there are people on this earth who must have been selected as helpers to St. Francis of Asisi, the patron saint of animals, and you are definitely one of them!
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Good job, Hissy. Get some pictures ASAP. I'd like to see this fella.
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I'm glad he's in good hands, at long last. I'm sure he's getting spoiled rotten by the staff, since they know what he went through before his angels rescued him. And I'm quite sure he will be very happy to see you tomorrow!
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Give Beetle a big hug for me...and I pray his surgery will go well for him. I am sure it will! He has so much love to pull him through!!
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Warm thoughts and prayers for both you and the Beetle. Hope all goes well. He must feel better already just being in your hands.
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It sounds like little Beetle is getting the best care ever. Good luck to him!
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Intervention came just in time! I learned the other day that the ass who had this cat was planning on stuffing him in the trunk of his ex-wife's car when she came to get the kids for the summer and not tell her! The ex lives about 100 miles away, and in 96 degree weather, with the radio, airconditioning and screaming kids, could you guess this poor black kitty's fate???

I sure want to know what is going to happen to this man down the road regarding the report being filed. I will try and stay on top of it and let you guys know when it goes down. I just can't believe some people can be so heartless.

Anyway send up a kitty prayer that Beetle's leg will be fixed and he will be in his new home with us soon.
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"Go Beetle Go!" I am his cheering section as I am sure he could use all the good wishes that he can get. This whole thing probably took at least 5 of his 9 lives!

I hope that man has to pay for the sick things that he has done. I can't help but think what he has done to other poor defenseless creatures.
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i can't help but wonder what the hell he might be doing to those kids?
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Go Beetle, Go! He is so lucky to be with you, Hissy!
I hope the guy is fined!
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Oh, Hissy, I must have missed the original thread while I was gone, but I can just IMAGINE what's going on. I'm so glad you were there to take over the care of this poor cat! He obviously desperately needed someone with a kind and generous heart like yours.

I'm sending good thoughts and prayers his way and I hope he comes through okay. Please keep us updated on him!
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Thanks Jin- basically in a nut shell, the owner ran him over 2 months ago and didn't take him to the vet! The leg healed over time but it is fused all wrong and Beetle walks with a hitching gait, kind of like one of our garden beetles out here- hence his name. The hip was also affected. He was stolen from his abusive home by a well meaning friend and given to me until a proper home could be found. Well, he wormed his way into mike's heart (he was already in mine) and so he is staying. To make room for him without hurting my other cat's care, I am releasing two of my ferals to a lady who needs them for her barns. I have seen the new place, it is 20+ acres way off of roads and they should be just fine. I also have a gal who is interested in Mckenzies two kitties, but unless she takes them both, I won't release them and they will stay here. McKenzie will stay here as well, her and Shredder are great pals.
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Mr. Beetles is now home and he is actually walking straight! When I opened up the carrier he came right out and walked straight over to his cage and laid down to look at me. It was like "OK Mom, now I am home!" I am using rabbit food for litter as the vet doesn't want me to use cat litter or the wound will get infected. He is on Clindamycin Hydrochloride drops 4 times a day. But he is home, he is safe and he is loooooookin gooooood!
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I am so very thankful that he is doing better!
Congratulations on your new adoption Hissy!
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Glad to hear everything went well! And I can't believe that @ss was going to lock him in the trunk!!! I hope he pays for what he did!
Give Beetle a hug from me!
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