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well as you all know that i went camping till today, i came back and SURE ENOUGH my cat had 3 kittens, BUT 1 problem... i dont know if its normal for this but my cats lower nipples are hard as a rock and big.... lump??? i tryed to call vets but none is open. what should i do? what is this? is she done having her babies???? or can there be more?
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Was someone checking on her? Ask them how she has been doing, and when she starting having kittens.

If in doubt, take her to the vet. If the nipples look swollen, she could have mastitis, an inflamation of the breast. It is very painful, and may interfere with her ability to care for the kittens.

Be sure to keep her inside only until spayed. She can get preggers again within a week of having the kittens.
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