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How to find a doctor

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I just got health insurence again and I get six dr visits a year ... I need help with what to ask and who about finding a good dr... Many of you know I have multiple issues ... Moms says internist but that means the next town ... Suggestions?
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I would personally talk to people around you how they feel about their doctors. If that doctor listens, takes time with you, and will listen to all your problems and not feel like your being pushed through the convaterbelt of being a patient.

Usually if you ask people around you, they will tell you what they think of their doctor. Hope you find a doctor that you feel comfortable with.
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I like CatLady's suggestion! I finally went to my mom's doc, and he is very thorough and refers me to the specialists that he feels I need. He was educated in India, and has an old-fashioned approach just like the local country doctor who just retired. What I really like is that he does examinations, then confers in his office - it really gives me the chance for all those, "By the way, I forgot to mention....."s. When I'm in the exam room, I think that I get nervous and that's why I forget much of what I intended to find out about. Good luck on your doctor search!
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