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This isn't even really worth a post, but I'm having one of those moments.

It is cool enough that the AC's have shut themselves down....Cabela is stretched out by my chair sleeping. Etcetera is in the doorway, quietly watching the hummingbirds get their last load of nectar for the night. The boys, Trace, Mischief and Skimbleshanks are all sleeping in a pile under the desk, and the rest of the tribe are in the back bedroom window, watching the goldfinches hanging on the seed socks. I'm sitting here with a nice hot latte' and a sliver of lemon biscotti, just marvelling at how wonderful this moment is.

Sometimes I'm really easy to make happy
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That sounds very romantic to me I really feel invy now
I am glad you had a wonderful moment to enjoy . Every once in a while I get a moment like this too , but not to often .
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I love it when the world slows down... I'm glad you shared that moment with us.
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I love it that someone else is out there that takes the moments to just slow down. My hubby and Mom were laughing, just tonight, that I always love the flowers, moon, sky and just those special moments that everyone else seems to miss. I think that it is special and sweet that you seen such a moment.
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Indeed, a beautiful moment and we are all here enjoying it with you vicariously
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