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Newest Addition!!! Need prayers!!!

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I am so very thankful to all of you who have been there with support for our little kitten Squeeker, who has been seizuring, well he is doing great and has been seizure free for almost 3 weeks. YEAH!!! The reason that I am posting a new thread though, is even though this is a cat forum most of us have other critters as well. I wanted to tell everyone about our new puppy Angus. He is a 3 week old Australian shepherd that was litterally thrown out a car window in front of my husband a few days ago. I am not sure how anyone in their right mind could toss any living thing out a window but people can be hateful. So anyway we have added a dog to our cat house and so far all is well. He is a beautiful little puppy, I am bottle feeding him right now and he is slowly starting to wean. Squeeker thinks he is the greatest since he now has someone finally his size to play with. I wanted everyone to know what poor little Angus has gone through and hope that prayers will come his way and help him get big and strong as they did for Squeeker. Thanks!
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Awww poor baby

Sometime I hate people and wonder what made them so cruel!!

Bless you for taking him in, you are a good person.

I will be praying and keeping the little pup in my thoughts.
Lots of good vibes going his way!!!
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I will never ever understand people like that - but I also believe in what goes around comes around - they will get theirs !!

Thanks for taking him in and giving Squeeker what he needs A PAL

So, now all we need is pics and lots of Angus and Squeeker with Angus!!
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Big hugs to Squeeker and Angus.

I know how seizures can be scary! And Angus - I can't believe that someone would throw him out of their car. Was your husband able to get their registration plate number?
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OMG! Thank heaven your husband was there to rescue dear little Angus. What is wrong with people!? I'll never understand how someone can just toss out an animal as if it were so much trash.

So happy to hear about Squeeker! What a guy. Best of luck with him, and with Angus. Sending lots of prayers to both of them.
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Originally Posted by minxie View Post
Was your husband able to get their registration plate number?
Throwing an animal out of a car is a crime.

Lots of good health vibes for Angus and Squeeker!
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Yes my husband was able to get the license plate number and they are supposedly getting a pretty heft fine per puppy-I forgot to mention that there were 3 others, 2 were tossed in a dumpster and the 3rd was left in a ditch. The other 3 are being well taken care of by other nice people. I wold have loved to have fostered them all but we are already over our limit in our apartment (they only allow 2 pets per apartment, OOPS ) Anyway I will try and have my husband post pics this evening of them.
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Well. you answered the question I've been wondering about all afternoon; just how many puppies was this person throwing away? What do you bet his defense is--"I figured they were old enough to take care of themselves!" What lucky liitle puppies they are; can you imagine how they would have been treated if this character had kept them? I guess things happen for a reason.
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