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DH got bit by a dog today

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Not bad. It was a small dog and it only left a welt. He was just delivering a package and handing it to the person and their little dog went and bit him! He didn't know what to do but he ended up having to go back to the people's house to get their info and to make sure the dog was up to date on it's shots. Apparently they only recently adopted him.

Last week he delivered to some place out in the country and they had a BUNCH of dogs all roaming loose and the people weren't home. The dogs were growling and snarling at him so much he pretty much had to toss their package out of the truck and one tried to climb in! He was scared he'd hit one but he was careful!
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Hows the hubby?
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How scary!!!! I got bitten by a dog when I was young, and have had a fear of dogs I don't know ever since. I would hate to have a job delivering stuff!!

I hope your hubby is ok. Check your local laws - in our county, all animal bites have to be reported. If this dog ends up with a few bite reports, they'll have to make sure it's confined permanently.
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aww poor hubby. I have only ever been bit twice by a dog. Once was by a dog that was traied for police but didnt make the cut. was my neighbors sons dog (he was a cop) she neded up keeping the dog and she bit me once when i was cleaning up some glass.

and once my my own dog, she didnt mean to bite me was trying to get at an itch and she caught my hand as i was petting her.
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Your poor hubby! He needs to get the owners a copy of Cesar Milan's "The Dog Whisperer" DVD
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DH is fine. He got the people's info and saw that the dog was up on it's shots and informed work. I'm not sure about reporting it here. I know the hospital did have to report on one of our dogs when she bit my step-dad. She was scared and just acted out naturally. She managed to pull out a vien or something so he had go to the e-room.
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