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Peanut VS Stinky

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There was a litter of orphaned kittens found. I took one (male) my mother took one (a female) and then a lady at a pet store took the remaining.

We got them at about 7-10 days old. they are looking 4-5 weeks old now.

My kitten (we did called him charlie but we are really not sure what to name him) his nickname is Peanut, is larger in size compared to my mothers female. For about 5 days now he's been eating wet kitten food mixed with dry food and water to moisten it all up. He does occasionaly eat dry kitten food as well as Mikeys (our older male) food. Also Peanut uses the litter pan. We've only caught him not using it once since we started litter training.

My mothers kitten who we call Stinky (her name is Jada) is smaller in size and still feeds from the bottle. They have tried mixing the food in many different ways but Stinky shows no interest. Nor does she use her litter pan.

Should they be worried? Its hard to boast to her how well my kitten is doing when he kitten is behind.

any suggestions on how to get her interested in both the litter pan and wet food?
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I would not worry till the kits are 7-8 weeks old. Even in a litter of kittens you will have 1 or 2 that are more interested in food/litter pans earlier.
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