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Cruel people

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A few years ago, my husband and I were driving down a very busy highway when we saw the truck coming at us throw something black out the window at about 55 mph. Turned out to be a little black kitty. She was pretty bad off, and the local vet around here is a joke. I took her to the nearest Amish farm and they took her in to nurse back to health. For those of you not familiar with Amish, it is a very old time way of life. Horse drawn buggies and the like. This kitty got lots of room to run, and bunches of mice to kill. But to throw a cat out at 55 is just uncalled for. I was to worried about the kity that I didn't even get the tag number to turn them in. Thank God she didn't have any broken bones, just deep cuts and scrapes.
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I often wonder is it really so difficult to drive an animal to a local shelter or vet office and leave the animal on the door step if you don't want it rather than throwing it out of a moving vehicle?

I'm glad you were there to help that poor little cat out tigger2. We need more people like you around to help.

Too bad you didn't get their licence plate number...
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About 13 years ago, my son Mark came walking into the house, carrying a cat. I had rules about bringing home strays and he knew better.

"Before you say anything, Mom, let me explain," he said. It seems that he saw someone throw this cat out of a moving vehicle on the highway. He wanted me to check it over and, then he planned to take it to the shelter.

Under those circumstances, I couldn't yell at him. He DID do the right thing.

The kitty was fine and the shelter found him a good home.

People who do this should be neutered, with rusty sheep shears!
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I'm glad there are people like you guys out there for these animals. We had a case like this a little while ago here in Denver. These two a&%@(les threw this beautiful calico kitty out the window going 75 mph. The people who stopped to pick her up also got their license plate number. They were charged with animal cruelty (still a joke of a law at that point), and had the gall to say - get this - "We didn't throw her out of the truck. She must have been sleeping in the bed and jumped out." Right. The people saw her being thrown from the cab. Luckily, the kitty only had scrapes, bruises and one chipped fang. The media really grabbed onto the story since it was the same time they were debating whether to make animal cruelty a felony.
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Unfortunately, that how I got my first cat as an adult. I was living in the Northwest Territories in Canada and it was very typical for people to get a cat or dog while there and abandon them when they went back south. A very dear friend of mine saw something tossed out the window of a truck speeding down the highway and when she investigated she found an injured six-month old calico and white cat which she brought to me.

Chkai (now long since dearly departed) lived a happy life to the ripe old age of 23, but in all those years, she never got over being the trauma of being tossed... just the sight of suicases on the bed was enough for her to pee on herself in fear.
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It makes me wonder with some people. How sick can you get?
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