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Kitty Brothers Thread

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How about a thread to post pics of our cats who are brothers (e.g. at least have the same mother) ...it will be interesting to see if they look alike and see bond between them.

Here are my two brothers...Theodore (smiler) and Boris

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OMG they are sooooo cute . I favor red cats .
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What gorgeous boys Such a stunning shade of copper red - you are very, very lucky
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very nice red boys. i hv 6 cats (coming 7) but none of them r related. 2 fr SPCA, 1 from the street, 1 rescued fr a petshop, 1 was abandoned by her owner n last one was bought fr a breeder...
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Nacho and Orion are brothers

and Poptart and Gordito are brothers


Nacho and Orion loooove each other.. but Poptart and Gordito don't really.. they will sleep together and groom each other sometimes.. but it doesn't happen often.
I think it's mainly because Gordito was adopted by another family when he was 8 weeks old... so I just had Poptart.. but then the people called saying they wanted to bring him back, after they had him for a month.
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Leto86 - they are gorgeous...that pic of Nacho & Orion is so touching!
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My boys aren't biological brothers, but they sure act like they are!
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They are all so cute, but I must admit to being partial to Theodore's cute little smile. It makes me want to kiss his little face.
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Cookie and Suzie are brother & sister. They have the same mackeral pattern, which is really obvious in the stripes on their cute little cheeks. The main difference in them is size. Cookie is very long and lean, and suzie is a tiny little lady. They probably get along the best with eachother, but they aren't especially close. They both like hanging around with "big bro" Rocky though.
Here is my fav kitten photo

And some more recent ones:

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