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Tuesday DT

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How is everyone's day going? I am hot, tired and have a headache - I just want to go home. I get leave in another hour and a half for my doctor's appointment and then tonight I have my hypnosis session.

Since I was feeling bummed out today I decided to treat myself - I bought 2 books - a Nora Roberts' compilation and a fantasy novel based on a old Norse Fairy tale.

I figure that since my hubby (who is on strike) can buy a computer for a lot of money - I can spend a little on me. I am a little peeved that he would spend so much on a new computer when the one we have isn't that old, just 3 years old. It was a litlle slow for him to play his fav game on it. I really hope his strike doesn't last long!

Well enough of my whining! I hope everyone else is having a great day.
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Finally! We're getting rain! It's cooled down, but we're behind on rain. It's rainy and thundery out now-I have to admit, I love storms.

I just hope it ends by Thursday. I won two tickets to see the Cleveland Indians play the NY Yankees in a raffle at work. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I do like going to games, having a beer and a hot dog, and watching the other people. I usually make it to a game a year.

Everyone have a good day!
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It's cooled off here on the Cape a bit from last week. Most people are pleased but I'm not. I just bought a bikini last weekend and now it's too cold to go in the water!! Figures...

I went and had some pictures developed today and most of them came out like crap. Either I'm a bad photographer or the disposable cameras are garbage. I suppose it's a bit of both.

I started my late spring cleaning yesterday and I'm being very bad about slacking off. Other than that I'm hiding out at home because traffic is too crazy to even bother going anywhere.

Have a great day all!!
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Nora Roberts is an awesome author. You'll enjoy her book!

Purchasing a bikini......hmmmm, I wish. I can't remember the last time I bought one! Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy yours soon.

It's sunny and warm here. Love it!

Have a great afternoon everyone!
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Good day ladies!
Its hot here, well not as hot as last week, but hot nonetheless. They are doing construction on my road and the noise is unbearable. I am so tired of listening to that darn jackhammer I could just scream!

I have to venture out later to grocery shop, but I hear there are going to be t-storms around, so I am not sure now if I'll go. I hate thunder and lightening, it scares me. I know the safest place to be is in a car, but it still creeps me out. We'll see.

Hope you all are having a fine day.
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I'm off, today and loafing. Well, I DID run the dishwasher and a load of clothes. Bill is due home, any minute and we have some shopping to do. Chicken and dumplings, for dinner - I'm in a mood to cook. I have angel food cake, strawberries and Chocolate Redi-Whip, too. Hopefully, we'll et more rain, tonight.
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Not a whole lot going on today. Just work. LOL I'm much more interested in getting things going on looking for a house. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing, to be honest. I want to make sure we are doing everything right, and getting the best deal, and all that, but I really don't know what I'm doing. (Hence, my thread on House Hunting) I'm meeting with our mortgage broker this evening, and we are seeing more homes tomorrow.
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I worked all day in a shop with NO a/c. It was horrible! It was 84 degrees outside and 101 degrees inside! We need a new a/c unit so there won't be any a/c for awhile.$7,000 to $10,000 to replace it!
Well, nothing like sweating to the oldies I guess!
I got off of work today, came home and IMMEDIATELY jumped in the shower! I felt gross! Then I felt bad since I didn't say hi to my s/o first, but I just couldn't! I felt rancid and disgusting!
Unfortunately tomorrow I have to do it all over again! I am bringing a change of clothes(uniform),pit spray, perfume, and anything else I can think of to keep from feeling that gross again!
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Day late, I know, but...

Barb - get some baby wipes so you can take mini-showers throughout the day. You'll probably still feel nasty at the end of the day, but it would help at least a little!
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