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Poor Ginger..

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The owners of the pet store I work at have a lot of dogs, and a a while back, they had a boxer at the store in the kennels because she was waiting to have puppies. I came in, and she was gone, so I assumed she had puppies, and they took her and the puppies back to the farm. Mom was in the other day when the owner's husband was there, and she was asking if Ginger had her puppies, and he said she had ten, but they all died, and she ended up having to be put to sleep because she was full of infection. I was hoping they'd be bringing her back again soon.

Rest in peace at Rainbow Bridge, Ginger.
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Awwww RIP Ginger with all your babies.
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Awww!, that is so sad

RIP Ginger
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How sad for you and Ginger's family.

Rest in peace Ginger and pups, together forever and happy at the bridge.
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You & your babies play happily at the bridge sweet ginger


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I miss Ginger being around, and wish I would have gotten at least one picture of her. I'm sure her and the puppies are having fun together at Rainbow Bridge.

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Bless her little heart

Ginger will be well over the bridge now nursing her babies
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RIP sweet Ginger &babies.

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Indeed, poor Ginger, to have suffered massive infection like that. Now she and her babies are over RB, out of misery and all together in Heaven.
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RIP your poor little cats.
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Thats very... unfortunate.

Rest in peace Sweet Ginger and all your babies ,Play happily together forever at the rainbow bridge.
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