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hair dunce needs ponytail help

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Ok, so I'm a complete and total hair dunce. My hair is long and perfectly straight and fine. When I try to put it in a ponytail, it doesn't look right. It looks all "bubbly" if you know what I mean. How can I get my ponytails to look nice like everyone else's? I brush it before I try putting it up to make sure it's smooth and tangle-free, but still bubbles. I've been playing a lot of sand volleyball lately, and I want to put it up and get it out of my face!

Thanks for any help!
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I wear my hair in a ponytail a lot. My hair is naturally curly, so I always straighten it before I do anything. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "bubbly", but I always brush mine a lot, and brush it while I'm pulling it up to where I want it, and I think it looks fine. Maybe try that?
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I wear mine up a lot at work cuz it gets so hot sometimes.

I usually put it up while its still damp, but I just brush it back and put it up, I'm not sure what you mean by bubbly either - but try brushing it first, or straightening it with a straightening iron first.

Good luck
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I know exactly what you mean by bubbly, cuase my hair used to do that allll the time! One way to combat it is to dampen your hair by the roots to get it to lay flat, or like h~chan said, brush while putting it up, that takes a little dexterity or you can be like me, and just live with it, its the casual look!
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I know what you mean by bubbly.
I have to wear my hair up at both of my jobs, so I've become quite the Pony-Tail enthusiast. I always am doing super cute things with it.
I brush it with a Comb starting at one side of my head, and gradually making my way across my whole head in sections, while holding the rest of the pony tail with my other hand. BUT--I hairspray it right away, and then once I have the entire ponytail in my hand, I comb the whole head back after being hairsprayed.
Works for me.
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I've heard that if you look up at the ceiling while you put the holder in, it helps to make it less "bumpy"
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My hair is to my butt and very straight, thin and fine. I know what you mean - I have one spot that "bubbles" no matter what I do, because of a cowlick.

However, I do what Katiemae does, I hold it in one hand while brushing UP off my head with the other, over and over again until it is as smooth as I can get it, then I take my chances while putting the elastic in, LOL!

I like the idea of dampening the roots, however, I can't because it makes my hair more brittle when brushed wet, and I need to keep what I've got - it's so thin!
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Run a comb over it after you have put it up and retie if you need to.

use clips or grips at the back to stop lumps and bumps.

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If you don't use conditioner, that can really help. I know a lot of people with fine straight hair don't like to use conditioner because it tends to weigh the hair down. I have thick hair, but the individual strands are baby fine, and it's straight. I get the bubbles too, but only when my hair is completely dry and it's been down most of the day.

Btw, for those that don't know what she's talking about, a lot of people refer to them as bumps as well. It's basically when you're pulling the hair back the opposite way that it wants to lay, and it "bubbles" up, making the hair look bumpy.
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Thanks for the suggestions all! I will try them.

Oh, and yes, I do use conditioner, but I have to use T-gel on my hair 3 times a week, so maybe the conditioner isn't enough?

I have weird, oily hair and scalp.
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Thanks for asking that question! I'm a hair dunce too! I can't put my hair in a ponytail to save my life because it bubbles too. I'll have to try all of these ideas.

My hair is curly but I usually just blowdry it straight because it's easier to fix for me. The thing is, I LOVE curly hair! I bought some curlers, but now I'm afraid to try them. My main problem is I don't have good dexterity for that kind of stuff.
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When mine is being especially bumpy I lie on my back on the bed with my head hanging off the edge so the hair lays the way I want it to and tie it up
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Also try putting in a ponytail when it's wet. Brush/comb it when you get out of the shower and put it up in a ponytail and hairspray it when it's wet.
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My hair's just bumpy

I have massively thick ridiculous hair, vaguely curly. You can barely fit a ponytail holder around my hair. It looks like the "before" pictures on straightening commercials except not frizzy.

When I put it up I usually brush it back with my finger. Another way to do it that looks cute on some people is to leave the part in it and put the ponytail lower. It's much less likely to be bumpy this way, as the bumps are caused by going against however your hair dried.
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When my hair just WILL NOT lay flat after pulling it into a ponytail I try one last little trick. Pull it back as normal and than shove your finger up under your hair (perpendicular to the way the hair is running and flat against your scalp) and comb gently from front to back. This may not make sense and I don't know what this does...but it will often either get rid of the bubbles or at least lessen them. Or it does with my hair anyway.
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I also wear my hir either in a clip or ponytail every day. Its seems like if I take a few more seconds I can get it to lay smoother than if I am in a hurry-but nevertheless I still manage a couple of bubbles too!!
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Originally Posted by witchykitty View Post
Thanks for asking that question! I'm a hair dunce too! I can't put my hair in a ponytail to save my life because it bubbles too. I'll have to try all of these ideas.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Thanks for making me feel better
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Your welcome. Again I should be thanking you, because I felt really bad about not being able to do something that simple. I guess I just don't spend enough time experimenting and practicing.
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I didn't read through the whole thread so its probably already been said. But my hair is also fine and gets "bubbly." I always wanted the hair that people could just run their fingers through and put the elastic in and looked perfect. But it just takes a minute longer. I get the hair up in the pony in one hand and then take the brush down the top opening my other hand enough (holding the hair) to pull the tangles through the hair). I then do this on the bottom as well so its straight all the way around. You can sometimes put your hair in the pony w/ elastic and take the brush over the top and sort of work out the tangles but occasionally that makes worse bubbles.

Anyway thats what I do .
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My hair does that too. I usually just try to fix it as good as I can and then just leave it. For me its not such a big deal because the only time my hair is in a ponytail is when I am at work and I am wearing a visor so you can't really tell. I usually put my hair up about an hour after washing it so its still damp but not soaking wet or completely dry and that seems to work the best.
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Try consulting "the fashion bible"...aka...Cosmopolitan! They always have awesome hair ideas and tips :,00.html
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