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Natural cat care books

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I am looking for a cat care book that talks about keeping your cat helathy using herbs and other natural remedies. I see Amazon has quite a few choices but I wanted to know if you guys had any and which would you recommned ?

I am making a list of things that may help with different "conditions" or help alleviate certain symptoms while their immune system fights off the virus/bacteria/whatever made them sick.

My list has yogurt for tummy trouble, pumpkin for stool trouble, oregano oil as a help to the respiratory system, GSE as an antiviral aid... stuff like that

Anyone know of a good book to recommend ?
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Dr Pricairns(spelling).. book is very good ... But I get most of my herbal info from the accupucturist
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I think that there are a few recommended in this thread:


I personally like "Natural Pet Cures: Dog & Cat Care the Natural Way" by Dr. John Heinerman, but don't agree with everything.

Hope this helps!

ETA: Sorry, I was running off to work when I posted that, so I just wanted to elaborate. The book I listed has lots of remedies for non-life threatening problems and things like that. My parents german shepherd had horrible ear problems, and after trying medicine a few rounds, they used a natural remedy found in the book, and loved it, the vet was hppy about it too. I didn't order the book intentionally, it came with a book I ordered a while ago, but it otherwise is pretty good. He has some weird views about animals that I don't agree with, but don't really pertain to any of the remedies or recipes in the book. I will find it and see if it has anything you mentioned on your post! : )
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