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Pru "Crying"

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Pru, our stray/feral, who is warming to us quite nicely has started something new the last few days. She walks around, "calling" with a plaintive cry through out the house. This goes on for a bit, then she stops. It's happening several times a day and she can get pretty loud. She's been spayed. She's eating, drinking and is okay physically. I don't know what she wants or how to help. There have been no changes in our routine, nothing new in the house. Any thoughts, does anyone else have this with their cat?
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Hw old is Pru? Could it be described as a "howling"? When my Molly started howling, it was a symptom of her thyroid disorder.
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JinJin, also a feral, does that a lot. She'll do that now...cry loudly & go looking for a toy, or look for me. Maybe Pru is getting comfortable, and is calling for companionship and play?

I'm sure you're going to hear a lot of possibilities...I hope she's doing it for Jin's reasons, because it was a good sign in her case.
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My little Abby also will walk around the house meowing looking for us.
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Pru is 5-6 years old, it's not howling as much as a cry---she doesn't meow.

Pru is becoming more brave, out and about in the house, maybe she is getting more vocal as she gets comfortable. I think I'm a bit afraid she wants to be back outside, although she isn't at the door or windows when she does this.
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our stray Topanga is now 5 months old. She's been with us since about 5-6 weeks when we found her in the engine compartment of a customer's car.

It is so funny because she will sit at the window and howl/cry when I take the dogs potty outside. I come back in and she walks away and is just fine.

She loves me
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Okay, we've gone beyond a bit of crying. Last night I felt like I was up most of the night listening to her. I am so tired today. I called the vet and have an appt. first thing tomorrow morning. She was spayed, at least she has a scar, so who knows. I've had her for 8 months and this is the first she's done this. I hope they can figure this out tomorrow. We are going on vacation Friday and a friend is watching the threesome. I want everything to be settled before we leave.
Pru is constantly crying when she isn't sleeping/hiding. She is rolling onto her back a lot, no rump in the air, no other cats hanging around. I don't know what to make of this other than I really, REALLY, REALLY want her to be quiet (and to be okay).
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She wants another cat. Any cat. Been there, lived through it (too many times), and the one and only thing that stops it is another cat. Even if they hate each other. It doesn't always make sense, but I literally would bet my life on it that it's the problem.
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Ophelia also went through a phase where she would just cry/talk. She also discovered that if she did this in the bathroom at about 2:00 in the morning that it made a really cool echo. She did this when she was finally feeling comfortable that she was safe. As a feral, they have to be quiet to stay away from predators, so once they really become comfortable inside I think they go through an experimental phase of "finding their voice". I hope this is all that is happening with Pru, because as annoying as it is it really means another great leap of trust on her part.
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