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Making Lunch For Work (Ideas?)

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I need more lunch ideas. I'm trying to cut down on spending by not eating out as much, not to mention healthwise I need to cut down too! So I'm trying to do easy things for lunches. I've only done a couple things so far but thought we could just add new ideas to this thread.

Main items:
Can of boneless salmon mixed with finely chopped celery and onion, with lime juice and olive oil on hotdog roll (I'm not fond of mayonaise, and water chestnuts I've heard are good too)
Mini-quesadilla - corn tortilla sprinkled with cheese and toppings like onion, black olive, kidney beans (I did meat but didnt' like it for lunch that way), pop in the microwave for 30 seconds and reheat for 10 seconds during lunch.

100-cal pringles packs
peaches/seasonal fruit
chopped cucumber, mushroom, celery with Russian dressing as dipping.

Any other main dishes and side ideas? Especially high-fiber ideas...
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Do you like stuffed tomatoes?? I hollow out in the morning and set upside to drain. I take the filling along in separate container (usually tuna or fake crab salad) and combine when ready to eat. When I worked in office or even know I hardly ever went out to lunch. Always lots of leftovers, soup is always good microwave??
How about cheese and crackers?? Or make a salad and I usually packed the croutons and dressing seperately.
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Do you like wraps? You can make your own at home... just use tortilla wraps and add your own veggies and meat
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Pasta! or anything that is left over for dinner?

*is soo bad at her diet!*
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Wow I usually don't have the energy to make anything fancy for lunch. I usually bring a boring sandwich or leftovers from dinner. It's getting kind of old! Sorry I can't really help!
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homemade soup is great with some crackers, or some bread.

I also used to take Homemade Chicken Alfredo..

And a Pasta in a light sauce sometimes with some extra cheese or chicken slices.

Subsandwhiches work too.
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One of my favorite things to take for lunch is a taco salad. I cook taco meat at home and cook extra so I have it to take for lunch. I use ground turkey, instead of beef, cause it's healthier. And I use the Taco Bell seasoning packet, I really think it's the best. Hubby too, he doesn't even know it's not beef!!! So I keep the ground meat in 1 container, then stick the cut up lettuce & tomato in a larger bowl. I bring in the whole pack of shredded cheese, and a pint of fat free sour cream. Heat the meat up, dump it on top of the lettuce, then cheese, then top it with sour cream! MMMMMmmmmmm.... any everyone will stop & say "what are you eating??? it smells so good!!!!"
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I sort of pack my lunch as I make my dinner.

I always eat a big salad for both lunch and dinner, so when I fix my salad for dinner, I make one for lunch at the same time. It doesn't take much longer to make 2 salads than one. Just make sure you put the dressing in a separate container, otherwise the lettuce will get soggy. Then I just make double of whatever I'm fixing for dinner and take the leftovers. Last week I grilled fish, so I grilled 2 filets, one for dinner and one for lunch the next day. Again, it didn't take much longer than grilling one. Then, when I pour my milk for dinner, I pour some into a container for lunch. After dinner, I toss in some fruit and yogurt, and I'm set to go.

This plan doesn't work if you don't like leftovers, but personally I love leftovers. If I don't have leftovers, then I made a sandwich with my own hoomemade bread and the expensive meat and cheese from the deli. It's so good.

Now when I go out to eat, it's just to be sociable with my friends. My lunch is so good that I don't usually feel like eating out.

I try to get mine all packed the night before so I don't have to get up in the morning. If I don't have time at night, I try to get up early in the morning and make one. It takes time, but it's so worth it to have a yummy lunch to look forward to!
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Another leftovers person here, I always make extra so I can take it for lunch (and my lunches are usually the envy of the office as they eat their sandwiches).

Saying that they have put a proper kitchen in at work with a stove, so I can actually cook now too.
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Miso soup in a cup

Tofu salad

Polenta with cheese and sauce

Hummas in a pitta or wrap with veggies..
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Nothing says LUNCH like leftover Papa Murphy's!!!
Also, do yourself a favor and get a wide mouth stalney steel thermos. You can put anything in it; soup, beans, chili, stew, goulash, the sky's the limit!
I also do a lot of salads and cut-up raw veggies, just to balance things out. Sandwiches and wraps are good,too.
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Cous cous salads with masses of raw veggies!

Tuna wraps (mix the tuna with mayo and add finely chopped peppers, onions, sweetcorn and cucumber!)

I have so many lunch ideas, been working on them for a while! If you'd like some more, I can get my ideas book out for you!
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I love salad with cold leftover rice & cashews added! And I make shakes with fruit juice, assorted fresh & frozen fruit, tofu, plain yogurt & a dash of cream; I try to put a whole asian pear or apple or cantaloupe in the blender for both fiber and to overcome the tartness of the yogurt.
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