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What no daily thread??

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I'm on late as I did manual labor from 7:30 to 10:45 this morning so far. I have slowly been removing the old driveway base and replacing it with topsoil. We laid about 85% of our patio out. Dined at a sports bar for dinner last night.
So taking a break now from that work and I think tonite will definately be a whirlpool night.
Tomorrow I'm working at friends place has they bought a small farm and are fixing up the house to rent out. Give me a break from weeding, and the other "fun" things I have been doing!!
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I went home and saw my family this weekend. It was gorgeous all weekend, so we spent most of our time on the pontoon and boat all weekend, going kneeboarding, tubing and skiing with my parents, brothers and cousins, along with a few friends.

It was a great time, a wonderful way to spend time with the family!

Now its Monday... and back to work.... Ugh!

On the bright side, I'm hoping to get my tattoo this week!
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Lets see this weekend was my sisters baby shower. that went great. Lee was working on the cars all weekend and he wrecked my prelude. The idiot backed into his moms truck and busted my bumper all up. The truck is fine. We are fighting now though (not becasue of the car he has a massive attitude problem lately) And I am working on this stinking riddle!
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Sorry, I have been starting it lately, and I've had real "work" to do today ....

My weekend was pretty good. The picnic was fun, got to see my family. My 2 yr old nephew said to my 35 yold brother "if you wanna box, you gotta put down your beer!" So that was just about hysterical!

Gail: I tried the towel rolled up in my pillow you suggested, and it didn't really work for me. But maybe I wasn't doing it right. It felt uncomfortable, maybe cause I'm not used to it? I dunno... but another chiropractor's appt for me today! Yay!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Just work for me today, blah. But tomorrow's my day off, and Friday my brother gives us his senior kitty, so I've got a lot of preparing to do!
Since we're not finished unpacking from the move, I have to do all of that, and pick up the last of our furniture from where it's being kept, and see about buying a scratching post. Busy busy!
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geee can i move into their farm house for rent, LOL

Not doing to much here today I have two broken bones in my hand. So i am trying to rest those a little bit. But later this afternoon i am sue i will pour some more candles, and make some facial masks.
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I woke up late, and went in to work around 1:30. The fire alarm went off, but then everything was okay, and I gave my tour.
I finished my thesis yesterday, and worked for double overtime.

And later today I'll be packing.
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I was off today (wow) and so I went out and got some "pretty in pink" soft claws for Clover, and did a few other things (almost locked myself out of my car while I was alone on the other side of town.. ). I better enjoy these last several days of doing whatever I want, because once the 17th comes, it's back to school for me. I'll be a senior though, so I'm almost done. Yaay!
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