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Kitties were born two weeks ago!!

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Hi there, Kandy finally gave birth two weeks ago while i was on vacation (camping). middle of the night i here her sqweeking naturally i get up to see whats going on, and there it was baby number one, (Zack), all the four babies were born naturally head first, thank god.. and very healthy, there is only four, and we've decided to keep them all. yay. i was wondering, because i forgot when is the best time to get the female spayed and the male neutered? Oh and their names are by order of birth are:
1. Zack
2. Midnite
3. Lulu
4. Lucky (Lucky number four, we were hoping for only four and we got it)

I'm so happy
I've got tons of pictures but unfortunatly we're lost the USB cord to the camera and can't hook up anything to the computer.

I'm gonna search for the cord and post up some pics of my little darlings.
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Since you plan on keeping all of them, I'd get them all done by 5 months old - some males and females mature early. Call your vet and discuss the right time to spay/neuter. If you space them out (males and then females) you'll have to separate the sexes so they don't get any ideas!
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Mom should be spayed as soon as the kittens wean, about 8-10 weeks. Do you still have an intact male?!? If so, your queen could already be pregnant again if they have been allowed to be together. Females can get pregnant a week after giving birth, and males can be fertile for a month after getting neutered.

Kittens can be neutered/spayed as soon as they weigh 2 pounds, which is well before 5 months. Be sure they are all done by 5 months at the latest.

Congrats on healthy deliveries.
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If the kittens are healthy, they can be spayed when they reach 2-3lbs. They actually recover more quickly at that age also. Many shelters and low-cost spay/neuter clinics preform the surgeries low cost- so shop around and find a place and a vet you're comfortable with.
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hi guys,
im new here but hopefully not for long!!!
As you would see from my profile i am a veterinary nurse that is currently hand rearing a 10 day old kitten!! reguarding neutering as a practice we reccomend no ealier that 4-5 months old (in england). hope this helps and good luck with the little ones.
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