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Curiosity and Cats "Miss Chief" is gone!!!

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I just lost my simese "Miss Chief" due to her curiosity we are not sure what happened to her.

July 11th I woke to find one of our many screen doors open to the back yard was open. This was not unusual in itself because our simese "Miss Chief" had learned how to open the sliding screen doors. I have changed the locks, put puppy guards on the doors, rescreened them with metal mesh and still she found a way to open them and get out.

She always came home for breakfast, which is fancy feast in a can served at 6 am every morning. But today she didn't show! So I created a missing flyer with reward (50 of them). Called every vet and animal shelter within 20 miles, knocked on every door for a 5 block radius and begged people to check their sheds, pools, and any place a cat might have hidden. Most people were very kind, it was getting to be 105 degrees in the shade and I knew I was running out of time

When she missed the afternoon snack time at 5 pm I started to cry.

While going door to door, I found that she had a pattern. She would visiit this home at this hour of the day and that home at a differant hour. She would watch people through their doors going about their daily lives. I was surprised how many people seen her on a daily basis and missed her. She brought laughter and joy to so many people and children.

Miss Chief is not the cuddle type of kitty, only her daddy (my 31 year old son) was allowed to hold her and give her kitty luvin. Although she enjoyed watching people, she would never allow them to get close to her.

Out of the six kittys we own, two are markers both of them being simese mix. Only thing you can do is allow them access to the outside when they start screaming at the door or pay the consequences in the home.

It has been almost a month and daily I drive the neighborhood calling her name, I continue to call the animal shelters in the area.

My husband works in sheet metal and created what he thought would help us keep our babies in the yard. He designed and brought home 100 linear yards of 18 inch light aluminum metal with two bends in. Over the weekend we trimed and cut trees so we could fasten the sheets to the top of the existing fense.

My son's are lovingly calling our back yard "al CAT traz"

We let the babies into the yard and sat back to watch. "Little Foot" whom is our other simese mix and a tall lean jumper, went to the fense, studied it and then tried to leap over it! He came back down and then left it alone.

As we continued to watch the twins (pure white barn cats) Cuddles and Bawana took a turn at the fense. Cuddles hurrdled himself over with what seemed little difficulty.

It was dark by then "sigh" I got in my car drove to that house and asked them to let me in the back yard because we were afraid he would not be able to get back into our yard. Cuddles took one look at me and hit the fense at a dead run back to our yard.

My husband is heartbroken I feel so bad for him he worked so hard on making the back yard safe.

I am not giving up though. I dragged one of their cat trees outside and some of their other toys. Today is monday and we let them out after breakfast. They are still in our yard it is not fullproof but a deterant. They seem to be enjoying THEIR yard.

If we let them be in THEIR YARD maybe when they get out they won't run jump the fense to hide in the neighbors yard.

Menou Lover

I still have not given up hope for Miss Chief!! I pray god will bring her back to us safe and sound.
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Prayers and vibes for Miss Chief's safe return! Clever name, btw.
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Sending more {{{prayers and vibes}}} that Miss Chief returns home soon! With it being so hot out, likely she's hunkered up with some neighbors somewhere and maybe they aren't letting her back out.
It was so sweet of your husband to build the fence. Maybe you could check out the "Cat Fence" that goes on top of existing fences to help cat-proof the yard.
Please keep us posted! Susan
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Thank you for your prayers !

I can only hope that you are right and that she will get out of where she is at and come home.

But Miss Chief was not the kind of kitty to get caught by people, believe me, she a quick kitty. She made it a game with us so i know.

About the cat fense... this did go on top of the existing fense and was what we could afford at this time. My husband also does not want to turn the back yard into a demiliterized zone. He tells me to remember astetics Mary I am sure he will continue to brain storm what else can be done.

It seems to be working during the day but when night comes I guess they see differantly and can judge the height and bend in the extension

When twilight came Cuddles jumped the fense and I brought the other kittys in. Bawana (cuddles twin white brother) sat at the door and cried and cried for his brother. It broke my heart to watch him pace and call for his brother, anyone who has a cat who calls out in distress knows what I am talking about.

He didn't stay out long, the kitty treat can brought him home eventually

His brother was so happy that when I opened the door for Cuddles, Bawana jumped him with delight.

I have never had twins kittys before, I must say it is just like I would imagine the bond between humans to be.

anyways talked my 33 year old son into helping me create a web sight so i can show you pictures of my kittys

hugs Menou Lover
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