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Over-eating + hairballs

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Just as the description says one of my cats has been eating more than normal lately and this morning when I woke up I found she threw up two times, once by my computer, it was whiteish with almost no partially digested food in it.(She must have gotten into my milk I left on my desk because it was knocked over) And this morning I awoke to a HUGE pile of standard cat puke(yellow/greenish with food bits) however it also had 2 hairballs, one pretty large and the other not so big.

Is there some way I should treat her without going to the vet? Can I get some hairball treatment & laxative from the pet store or something? Any help is appreciated. She is acting totally normal, she runs and plays fine with the other animals in the house.
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You can buy a tube of Petromalt at the pet store, and please keep your kitty away from milk. Most cats are lactose intolerant.
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It sounds like she's already gotten rid of the current problem, but Petromalt should help prevent any further hairballs. Daily brushing helps, too, if she will allow it.
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Hairball gel can help prevent as well as brushing... I use hairball food ... If kitty eats fast elavate the dish or and put a rock or marble in it to slow them down... if anymore colored stuff go to the vet
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May I ask what hairball food you use??
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Originally Posted by sbd45 View Post
May I ask what hairball food you use??
Zoey eats Nutros Natural choice kitten
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How about changing her food to a hair-ball control type for a while?

Ann Demi
"Solutions to Cat Behavior Problems"
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