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Need some "all-inclusive" help

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Brent and I are trying to decide on where to go on vacation in February and we would like to do an all-inclusive resort and we're kinda on a budget. Any suggestions on where (or where not) to go? And where is warm enough that time of year? I think Jamaica and Cozumel are. Please help us out. Thanks.
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I haven't gone to a resort but, I HAVE gone on cruises. They are a very good deal, for the money.

Cozumel is nice - it was one of the ports on my Caribbean cruise. If you go there, be sure to hit Carlos 'n Charlie's Bar.
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Flagstaff is really nice in winter. It's a little bit chilly, but you can just drive 20 mins down to Sedona and wow!!! My sister got married there in December and she wore a spaghetti strap and wasn't cold. I was there in early January, I think I wore a hoodie.
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We definitely want to go to the Caribbean. We thought about a cruise, and are still considering it, but we thought AI would be fun too. I just never realized how many there are!
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I just got back from Aventura Spa Palace in Tulum, Mexico. Its really cheap and you can find lots of member selling their weeks and you get a reduced rate plus tons of incentives (like free pedicure, manicure, massage, hydrotherapy access, free transportation from airport, plus more). Plus they have included excursions to ruins and other fun stuff. They have a lagoon you can snorkel in out front and I thought the food was fabulous. You were treated like royalty at this place! If you sit down its mear moments before you are waited on (whether at the lagoon, on a bench somewhere, etc). There was never a moment where there wasn't a drink in hand. This is mostly all couples here. I was surprised how good the food was. Its about an hour south of Cancun so it gets you out of the hustle and bustle of the commercial setting.

My honeymoon pics (not all up yet):
Palace Resorts Website (Aventura is the one we went to):
Tripadvisor is the best place to research any resort. Click on "forums" at the top and it will take you to the Tulum message board where lots of ASP members will be willing to sell weeks and tell you about the resort. This is hwere I did all my research. My husbands coworker is a member and we went on one of their weeks.

Edit: Palace Resorts also has Cozumel Palace. The nice thing about this location is they offer a free glass-bottom boat tour where you can go snorkeling. I've heard its really good but didn't have a chance to ferry over (you can switch between the palaces for free too).
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My mother took my sister and I to Cozumel over Spring Break a few years ago. It was 90 degress in mid-March. We stayed at an all-inclusive called El Cozumeleno. It was beautiful. Alcohol was included, they had 2 restaurants to choose from. One was a buffet, the other you had to make reservations, but the food was still free. They also offered a bunch of really cheap trips into other parts of Mexico. You could take a ferry to Cancun for about $5. I went to see Chichen Itza for about $90, but that included taxi fare, ferry fare, bus ride, and two meals.
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Why does it have to be so hard to find somewhere to go on vacation Thank you for all of the suggestions so far, I am looking into them
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I've heard Cozumel is great!
I'd like to go there, so if you go there...make sure you post pics! Cuz I havent seen any pics of there yet..I just hear how awesome it is.
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My husband and I went to Cancun, Mexico for our honeymoon and just went again this past June and brought our 11 year old son. It is a great place to vacation and the all-inclusive resorts are the way to go! Here are a few pictures of the resort

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Great pictures you guys! Natalie, your honeymoon looked awesome. I am definitely checking them out, thanks Anyone else?
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My hubby & I love Jamiaca. We go every year... it's cheap, it's easy to get to... the flight is only 3 1/2 hrs.... it's all inclusive. Are you taking the baby? Most of the hotels in Jamiaca have a nanny-daycare type service. We went with my SIL & BIL, and they brought my nephew... he loved being in the daycare program... he had all the Jamaican nannies doting over him. And he did all kinds of things, like play in the baby pool, play in the play room, take his nap, go for walks.... he had a ball. And the daycare is free during the day, and if you want to utelize them at night, they will watch the baby in your room, but you pay an hourly rate of $4/hr. (we gave more....) In Jamaica, it's always a blast... the people are so relaxed & laid back. The beaches are fabulous, there is TONS to do there, and it's SO cheap for an all inclusive package we just can't stop going back for mini-vacations every year!
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I went to Jamaica this past Febuary and cancun in October 04. They are both nice. I must say that I liked the cancun resort a bit better.. It was actually on the rivera maya and was an Iberostar resort. I would recommend going to and reading reviews before you book. It was nice and warm in Jamaica in Febuary.
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