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Yeast infection in Ears

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Gigi was scratching her chin often and the vet diagnosed it as a yeast infection in the ears. The vet cleaned out the ear canal and sent me home with a medication called Connofit. I was to treat the ear canal twice a day w/2 drops of the liquid for about 2-3 weeks. I managed to treat her once per day at least for 2 weeks. A vet check after 3 weeks showed the infection still active.

I has vigilant and treated her again for 2 weeks 2x per day. She is still itching. The treatment doesn't seem to have been effective.

Has anyone else had a stubborn infection and how did you treat it? I adopted Gigi in April of this year and she came to me with this condition. Other than this issue, she seems fairly healthy. She is 10 years old. I realize this infection is most likely causing her pain, what can I do? Are there any herbal cures? I cured my yeast infection with diet.
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What is she eating? A diet really high in grains can contribute to a yeast infection, as can a food containing sugars.

Your best bet is to return to the vet and tell him that you would like to treat this infection aggressively. There are oral medications that he can prescribe in addition to the topical ear meds. He may want to culture the infection to make absolutely sure that he is giving you the most effective medication.
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I feed her Nutro dry. The wet is Science Diet OCean fish dinner or Nature's Recipe Rabbit and rice. The science diet clearly has corn syrup and wheat gluten products. The other does not mention either product in the food.
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If you really want to be aggressive about it, you can ask that her ears be flushed out. It's best to do this when they are under anesthesia. That way they can really get in the ear and clean it out without the trauma of being held down and something cold and wet stuck in your kitty's ear. Each year when I have my Callie's teeth cleaned, I ask that her ears be flushed as well because she has horrible problems with ear wax (we've tried everything!). This has helped tremendously!

Also, there is some kind of goupy medicine that they can put in her ears that will treat the yeast infection on contact. It's a brown thick paste type stuff that doesn't smell real great. My vet applied this the last time Callie had an ear infection. She hated it and kept her ears down for about 3 days, but it worked like a charm! She's not had any problems for the last couple of months, which is amazing.

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