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We got rain!

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At about 6:30, this evening, some strange, wet stuff came falling out of the sky. A few minutes later, it began to come down harder. Bill tells me that this stuff is called "rain" and it is a good thing.

Seriously, we have had 100 days, straight, without rain. This broke a record, set in 1909. It smells so good! I'm going to open the bedroom windows, tonight.
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That should help with the fires. Send some this way!
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Yay! I hope it does help tame some of the fires everywhere. I cannot imagine living through such a nightmare. Don't think I have to worry though.....it rains in Canada all the time.
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Lucky you! We dont have rain in Gilbert, yet! I wish it would rain, though! Send me some rain.....
It was so disgustingly hot out today I went out around 11:00a and it was only like 100, but I heard it was supposed to get up to 118!
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How Wonderful!

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We were having a drought here in the Fl Keys. Then about a month ago it started to rain. Now we can't turn it off! The mosquitos are out of control and the little suckers bite right through clothes!
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I live in England, it has rained here non stop for nearly 2 weeks!! We are still waiting for our summer here
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Lorie, I LOVE that graphic. I wish I knew how to do things like that.

As for the rain: officially, we got .01 inch. Not much but, its a start.
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