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Cat toy warning

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Sorry, wasn't sure where to post this. Mods, if you think there's a better spot, feel free to move it.

This is a Bizzy Kitty Home Entertainment Centre:

It comes with a warning not to let young kittens play with it because their little heads have been known to get stuck and freak them out.

Stumpy and Lily both love this toy, and I compared the size of Lily's head to the holes in the side of the box and thought there was no way she could get her head in there....

I was wrong!! Poor baby managed to shove her head through a hole, then tried to pull it back out and realised she was stuck, and was trying to run backwards and get it off, and was stuck for a couple of seconds and getting VERY scared!

By the time I got to her, she'd gotten her head out, but gee it was scary for both of us!

I've since taken the toy away, and it won't come back out until she's fully grown.

Just wanted to make sure anyone who had cat toys like this are completely aware of the potential risks. If you do have a young cat, I would just supervise their playtime with it.

Happy playing
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Its seems that cats cant' get stuck into something and amazly they do. Cats are just amazing sometimes.
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I also have the wooden version, it would seem that the holes in mine are smaller, but it would be harder to pull a kitten out - at least with the cardboard you could cut it if you needed!
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That must have been so scary for you and poor little Lily when her head became trapped in the hole, Sarah! This is something I wouldn't have considered, thank you for this information.
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Thank you for sharing. I don't have a toy like that but it's always good to be informed.
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