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Is she there yet? so confused

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My cat Sunshine is 60-61 days prego. She is eating up a storm. She started her nesting about 3 days ago. Scatching and meowing. She goes to the basement for a few minutes than comes upstairs. This has been going on all day. Would that be considered restlessness? What do hiccups look like. I hear they are a sign of impending labor. She loves to have her tummy rubbed and sleeps all day. Earlier today she was licking herself a lot but then stopped. I am so confused. I wanna make sure I am there for her but I also want to make sure I am reading her signs correctly. Do cats still pee and poop right up until delivery? I need help. Anyone with answers? Share your experiences with me. darc
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hiya , b4 my cat went into laboue she was restless she bleed a tiny amount (but not all cat's do) she didn't nest right up untill she had the kitten some cat's go of there food other's don't my didn't but this time she has she is around 60 day's pregnant at the moment aswell will have to keep each other updated
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Thanks that is good to know. I thought for sure last night was the night. Her belly felt hard. I saw her doing some nesting last night. I thought she just didn't want me around and was holding out. She still eats like no tomorrow. I am constantly checking her liter box and she still is peeing and pooping. Do cats stop that before going to labor? I figure she won't have them during the day. Maybe tonight is the night. Send labor vibes this way o.k. We are going to take my son out for his b- day tonight. He wants to see a movie. Watch she will have them while I am gone. I think I am going nuts. I had a dream last night that she had her babies. You would think I was pregnant. I will def keep you posted. I am sure I will be posting all day. Pray all goes well for Sunshine.Talk to ya soon. darc
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O.k. She has been doing a lot of snooping around now. I confined her to the closet I originally had her in. (she hated it). My son last night made a bed for the dog and Sunshine seems to have taking a liking to it. So I put that there in the closet and she went in it Earlier she was in the spot I had for her but when she was snooping I moved my sons bed to the closet where it much more quiet. I am guessing she will have them tonight. Hopefully. I sure hope its not wishful thinking.
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My cat has just lost the mucus plug thing, she is also due anytime now. I am just like you anxious, exited and nervous!!!!! keep me posted
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Mine still ain't eating much at the moment , no mucus plug at the moment , well not that i have seen , some cat's go to the litter tray right up till they give birth lol she is in her nesting area unless she change's at the last miniute keep us all posted
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mine is eating me out of my house! I wish Sunshine would loose her mucus plug already. I think she is teasing me. when she is not snooping around she is in the basement lying on the cool tiles. I hope she does not have the kittys there. It is not the right temp. I am so excited too. I lie on the floor and pet Sunshine a lot. My 12 year old son asked me why I was so obsessed with her I guess I am just anxious to see her babies. Don't want to miss it. I think thats why she is holding out. This is pure torture. Wouldn't it be funny if our cats had there kitties the same day? I'll keep you posted.
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please do keep us posted , i'm the same with Lilly but different as she had a real bad labour the last time so have to watch her 24/7 but can't help get exceited even though her last lot didn't survie
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I will keep her in my prayers. I keep an eye out for Sunshine too. We are gonna be gone for a couple hours later tonight but I will let you know how things are going when I get back. I'm sure this time around she will be fine.You keep me posted as well. Q- I have picked her up a few times to get her into what I hope to be her nesting spot. Is that o.k.? I am very carefull. Quess what movie I watched today? Catwoman I bought it a long time ago but just popped it in today while I was eating lunch. Does anyone know how to post pics? I want to make sure I show them to ya.
post #10 of 16 don't ask me how to do it as i am so bad at explaning to people how to do thing's lol
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how's she doing any new's yet ?
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Nothing yet. How many days have you found that your cat delivered? Can't remember if you told me how many in the past. It has been about 61-62 for Sunshine. I know every cat is different but what has been the average for your guys. She is starting to lick herself more. I have not noticed if she lost her mucus plug though. When the dog comes up to her she licks him. He just stands there. He loves it. When she stops he will nudge her to lick him so more. It is so cute. I am wondering if she is going to wait till the evening to have her babies. Q- How do you know if the hiccups are not just hiccups and not mini contractions? How far apart would they be? gotta go. Keep you posted. How are things there? darc
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her last pregnancy we wasn't sure how far gone as she was already pregnant when we got her the hiccup's i am not sure about they wasn't together they was like an hour apart 2 after she ate some food and the other one when she was just laying there she is still panting load's and eating load's again now keep me posted hun
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I have a hard time telling if they are really hiccups or not or if it just one of her babies kicking really hard. Def. keep you posted.
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Hi there
Here is a link that sort of a what to expect when you're expecting link:
It helped me out heaps when I was waiting on my darling to have her babies. Now anyone who is experiencing "hiccups" please be advised that they may not be hiccups at all but contractions. So if you are seeing this keep your eye on her closely. I also noticed that you said you kept your baby confined to a closet area. This is okay if the area is open for her to come and go. Make sure that she has water, food, and litter, and that the area isn't devistatingly hot. Other then that, keep feeding her healthy for as long as she will eat, and read that link
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If your cat has a little bit of milk come out does that mean she is close?
Please for the love of God say yes.
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