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Maui the meower!

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Well I brought home *our* first kitty yesterday! Her name is Maui (rhymes with wow-wee) and she's about 6 months old. I got her from a rescue group and she is the sweetest cat I've ever had! She loves to give kisses, purrs allllll the time, likes to be hugged on while petted, fetches, and loves to play (go figure!).

My question is about her meowing. She has that really quiet teeny tiny voice but she cries all the time- at least it sounds/looks like crying to me. Even when she's purring she'll do it. I think she does it mostly when we're looking at her or talking to her but sometimes I hear her do it even when I'm doing something else. So is this her just 'talking' to me or do you think maybe something is wrong? None of my other cats have ever been this vocal. I assume it's an ok thing but I just want to check!

I'm going to try and bring her to the vet tomorrow or if I can't get an appt. then I'll make one for Tuesday.

Thanks in advance!

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it's always a good policy to bring new kitties to the vet for a check-up. It's probably nothing big, though, she may just be getting used to her new surroundings. Maybe she's saying "Yay, meowmy, I'm so glad you rescued me!" or "I'm so glad to be out of that cage" or "Hello, floor, hello, fridge, hello, foot, hello, window..."

And may I say, Maui Wowee would be a hilarious name for a cat.

Maui is pretty though!
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my one cat talkes all the time,
even sounds like she is yelling at me sometimes. some cats do like to talk.
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Well I got her an appointment for today at 3 so I'll be taking her in- it's mainly for her cough but I'll be asking the vet about her crying & also to show me how to trim her nails.

I think she just likes to talk. Last night I noticed she would do it when I was petting her but if I started giving her hugs & cuddles she would stop Such a sweetheart!

By the way- that's what we've been calling her Maui Wowee! Or Wowee Maui, or Blue Maui or the Maui the Island- it stands for everything!
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Well I took HIM in to the vet on Monday as planned... the main thing was that I found out Maui is a HE not a SHE!!!!!!!!

When I adopted him on Saturday I was told he was a she and that she'd been spayed. Well once I got him home I noticed that I couldn't feel a scar or anything from being spayed & I kind of thought that 'her' unmentionables kind of looked like boy parts- but it's been a looooong time since I've seen neutered boy parts so I just didn't think much of it. Well - the vet thought it was weird she couldn't feel a scar either and then she realized why- he's a boy!

She also gave me amoxicillan for his cough. As for his meowing I still think he's just a talker but he seems to be trying to tell me something and I can't tell what it is. He's also starting to yowl now that he's more comfortable....

Just thought I'd give a little update!
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