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Picky about dry food

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I am slowly switching over my cat to a new, premium (Wellness) dry food and when I went to refresh her bowl for the night I noticed she ate every single piece of her old brand of kibble (Nutro kitten and Pet Promise) and left ALL the new Wellness in her bowl. She actually picked out what she didn't want and ate the other (very small) nibbles. I was astonished! Has anyone else's cat done this?

She eats the Wellness wet fine (although it did take mixing it with Fancy Feast for awhile). I really really hope she gets over not eating Wellness because I $pent $ome $erious cash on it. Wisely, I only got a small bag.

Do you think she will eventually adjust? I am reducing the amount of the other kibble in with the Wellness, but I don't want her not to eat at all if she doesn't like it.
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My kitten (who is a pig) wouldn't TOUCH Wellness. He wouldn't even eat his dry food when I tried to switch him to it. He does fine w/ ever other dry food I have used.
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I think she will eventually. I think most people usually just try it once, see the cat reject it and say the cat doesn't like it and never tries it again. Just keep at it. Put less in her bowl and add more and more, or if anything, eventually just switch them one day and see if she is finally hungry enough and will just eat it. Now I am not saying starve her by any means, do this for a couple hours and if she doesn't eat then add some of her old food to it.

By spending mre on quality food, you are actually saving less in the long run. The cat will fill up faster and eat less so it lasts. Plus really good food helps keep the cat healthy overall and usually means less vet visits.
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Thanks for the support - I know of other cats that totally rejected some premium foods and I am hoping she isn't one. I know in the long run the cost is worth it in health terms. I was just so surprised the little monkey did that though - every single piece of Wellness was all that was in her bowl.

I have to say that eventually she did eat straight Wellness wet when I stopped mixing in the Fancy Feast, especially if she was hungry. I am going to keep trying. In a worse case scenario if she continues to totally reject it I can donate it to the adoption center - it is kitten formula and we have lots of kittens that need better food than what they are getting.
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It may just take her a while to get used to it. Some cats are suspicious of anything new. One of mine is like that - she won't even taste a new food until I've offered it 3 or 4 times.
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try mixit for at least two weeks ... I have one who doesnt like certain shapes ... some just take longer to switch...
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your cat will eat when it's hungry enough. my kitten and my older cat both do that with their food change (i rotate their food when i can) cheeky monkeys!
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My senior cat about a yr ago stopped eating the dry food (nutro natural) that the other cats eat. After several samples he liked Felidae until this January when he stopped eating that. The other cats even the strays would not eat the felidae (I was told the formual changed) I now have him on another type of food which is working out well so far. As for moist he would eat any kind though!!
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